Video reveals injury of crew member aboard Russia’s most advanced ships

The Clash at Sea: Russian and Ukrainian Ships in Conflict


The kiss of Russian war industry, and the smartest and most advanced ships of its fleet, were attacked two days ago by the Ukrainians in the Bosphorus Strait, as Moscow itself admitted, which confirmed at the same time that it had rejected that attempt and foiled It.

Contradictory Claims

However, new scenes aired hours ago by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on its Twitter account showed that the Russian reconnaissance vessel Ivan Khors was hit in the Black Sea, contradicting Moscow’s claim.

One writer commented, “When the Russian survey vessel Ivan Khors met a Ukrainian march … a perfect match!”

Video Evidence

Camera on the Boat

As for the video, it was caught by a camera apparently positioned on the deck of the Ukrainian drone boat that tried to target it.

It looks like the huge ship in mare is very similar to “Ivan Khors,” according to CNN

The head of the unmanned vessel also appeared in the Ukrainian defense video, very similar to the one seen in the video clip released by the Russian Defense Ministry on Wednesday.