VIDEO: Sonali Phogat did such dance, erupted users and made such comments

Sonali Phogat is seen in a different avatar after coming out of ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Instead, style and attitude are surprising everyone. She has now become more active on social media. Sonali is in discussion these days with one of her dance videos, which she recently shared on Instagram.

In this video, Sonali Phogat is seen doing tremendous dance moves on ‘Gila Gila Dil Gila’.

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Some people praised and some people did it like this
While many people are praising Sonali’s dance, some people advised her to take care of family and daughter. At the same time, a user has commented that someone should close their Instagram account. There were many people who praised Sonali’s cool style and said that they have the right to live life on their own.

Sonali Phogat is sharing her dance video on Instagram, who is getting mixed reactions.

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Sonali became homeless a few weeks ago with ‘Bigg Boss 14’. He was closely discussed with Ali Goni on the show. Sonali had proposed Ali Goni in Bigg Boss house, which was ridiculed on social media.