Video .. “Tacos” and “ice cream” … Biden’s latest fashion to win votes

Amid a wave of criticism, US President Joe Biden has found no better way than food to send messages in response to his opponents.

Biden faces criticism of his economic policies and the policies of the “Federal Reserve”, which he recently admitted could lead to a recession, but has tried to mitigate its effects, sometimes saying it “will be very mild”, and other times through those messages. that he sends to people through food.

Letters of tacos and ice cream

In the past few hours, the president of the United States has appeared in a video in he ate “ice cream”, in which he sends a message to his critics, saying that “the American economy is very strong”, according to his words biting in mouth a piece of ice cream.

Last Thursday, another message was preceded by a meal of “tacos”, one of the foods of Mexican cuisine, which is usually made of cornbread and uses many different fillings such as chicken, meat, seafood and others. .

And during a video clip that has garnered millions of views, the American president got himself a “taco” meal with chicken at a discount of up to 50%, being a public service employee, in a Los Angeles restaurant that bears the name of the meal.

Biden’s bill was $ 16.45, but he was generous, giving the restaurant $ 60, to provide a free meal for the next customer.

Perhaps he wanted to convey a message about the strength of the American economy and that his administration’s policies in support of the people and friends of his country continue, despite the criticism he faces.

The International Monetary Fund expected a one-third contraction of the global economy within the next year.