Video .. The Houthis burn two trucks full of oil products as a result of the levies

The Iran-backed Houthi militia burned two trucks loaded with oil derivatives in the Dar Al-Subaie area, southwest of Hays, Hodeidah governorate, west of Yemen.

The West Coast Joint Forces media quoted eyewitnesses as saying that die Militiamen opened fire on Friday evening die both trucks opened because their drivers refused to arrive at one of the points in Dar al-Sebaei to pay dues area after die Both trucks were detained for hours, resulting in their burning with what they carry of derivatives.

The Houthi militia continues to carry out their abuses and arbitrary acts against travelers and truck drivers using methods of abuse, intimidation and blackmailing at gunpoint.

The Houthi militia hunt down oil derivative truck and truck drivers die transport commercial goods, die Payment of sums of money as levies, die For die so-called “war effort” are to be used, die die Merchant losses doubled and the suffering of citizens in India increased die areas controlled by the militia.

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