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Video The Islamic port of Jeddah receives the auto participating in the Dakar Rally

Jeddah Islamic Port received the cars participating in the 2022 Saudi Dakar Rally Championship aboard two ships from Marseille, France.

The 44th edition of the gathering will start on January 1 and will last two weeks, it is the largest in terms of number of participants, as it attracts about 1,000 participants of 70 nationalities from all over the world.

The race includes 430 vehicles in various race categories and other 148 vehicles in the “Dakar Classic” category. 57 auto racing, 27 T3 vehicles, 39 T4 vehicles, 150 motorcycles, 127 auto vintage, 53 trucks and 20 trucks arrived in Jeddah Classic, 478 utility vehicles, 64 multimedia vehicles and 89 company vehicles for events.

Two Saudi competitors are expected to participate in the rally, as the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation has granted licenses to drivers Dania Aqeel and Mashael Al-Obaidan.

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