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Video – Try to resist: Withdrawal of the former Chinese president from the congress of the ruling party

A video clip showed the moment in to which former Chinese president Hu Jintao was unexpectedly escorted out of the closing ceremony of a congress of the ruling Communist Party.Seated to Ping’s left, Jintao, 79, Xi Jinping’s direct predecessor, was brought via by two guests from the stage of the main hall of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

One of the hosts repeatedly tried to lift Jin Tao from his seat, alarming several officials sitting nearby.According to the video, China’s top lawmaker Li Zhanshu, who was sitting to Hu Jintao’s right, handed the former president’s file to the guest, wiping his head with a cloth after Hu finally got up. in feet.

According to the video, Hu looked sad as he resisted leaving, as the hosts escorted him out, returning to his seat at one point.

According to the video, on his way out, he exchanged words with Ping and patted Premier Li Keqiang on the shoulder, who was seated to President Ping’s right.

It seems that the matter is related to the appearance of the former president’s illness and the fear of those present next to him on his part, as “Jin Tao” appeared a little uncomfortable last Sunday, when he received assistance at the same stage for attend the conference opening ceremony.


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