Video .. Two children were injured when an object left by the Houthis exploded

Today, Friday, two Yemeni children were injured when an object belonging to the Houthi coup militia exploded east of the city of Al-Khawkha, south of Hodeidah, west of the country.

Medical sources at Al-Khokha Hospital reported that die Explosion of the body through die Houthi militia led to the injury of the two children Ali Ibrahim Butili (9 years) and Musa Ismail Butili (8 years) with separate injuries.

According to the sources, were die both victims in Brought to Al-Khokha Hospital for first aid and then in Doctors Without Borders to die Complete treatment.

The Houthi death mines continue to claim the lives of innocent civilians in various regions of Hodeidah and the west coast, where thousands of people have been killed and injured since the UN ceasefire entered into force in 2018.

A recently published human rights report confirmed die Killing and wounding of more than 5,000 civilians as a result of mines and improvised explosive devices, die by the Houthi terrorist militia in 17 Yemeni governorates in between (July 2014 – March 2021) were planted.

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