Vigor introduces Battle Pass with Update 1.2: Preppers


  • Update 1.2: Preppers contains a lot of new additions and optimizations for Vigor on Xbox One
  • The Battle Pass is included in Update 1.2
  • Players can purchase the Premium Pass at any time during the season and unlock all rewards from levels already reached

Hey Outlanders.

Update 1.1: Bridges was an interesting ride for everyone. The buried caches became a meeting point for many Outlanders, a brand new map that challenges inexperienced and experienced players alike, and the introduction of weighting was … well … a hate lover feature in the community. We followed 1.1 with minor updates that improved the overall experience (at the cost of some hiccups) – be it increasing the number of crowns in each package, improving matchmaking, or adding the option to risk more to get better rewards with multiple boosters to achieve . Update 1.2: Preppers aims to reinforce these efforts with a lot of new additions and optimizations.

The Battle Pass

The most prominent addition is the Battle Pass. You asked for more measurable progress than the shelter itself, and we listened. Almost every action you take force Now some experience points (XP) are awarded and you can get these XP in different ways. You can collect resources, open boxes, send groceries to those in need, or aim at the shooting range to name a few. If you earn XP, you’ll win levels in the Battle Pass and get various cool rewards along the way. If you want more, you can get even better rewards with the Premium Battle Pass. Players can purchase the Premium Pass at any time during the season and unlock all rewards from levels already reached. However, keep in mind that some of the premium rewards will help you get to your Battle Pass faster. Choosing this option is better sooner than later.

Season 1: Preppers

Only the best Outlanders get a Hazmat suit this time, and that’s A-OK with the Preppers. Preppers have always prepared for what might come, and now their forward thinking is paying off. Whether dangerous environments, widespread infections or even nuclear war – they were ready and waiting. Filled food rations, fortified accommodations, sophisticated survival tools … nothing can surprise Prepper. Such a mindset is practical in post-war Norway, and you, Outlander, can become one of them. Show the world how to thrive after the fall of mankind – your prepper mentality will serve you well from now on.


Home-made tools are an integral part of Prepper’s repertoire. Three
New consumables can now be used in encounters – the alarm trap shows that
Foreign countries that penetrate nearby will explode the contact bomb and
Causes significant damage if someone gets too close and the transmitter acts as follows
a decoy should use someone’s radio signal detector. While these are tools
Include slots in your inventory and use them wisely to make one
Encounter in your favor. All three tools can be found in the Outlands, but when
If you want to make them yourself, the plans are available in the Battle Pass.

Create booster

With all the new additions, you might want to go to Encounters
as quickly as possible. However, sometimes it takes a while to finish
to make your weapons first. With the introduction of the crafting booster
There is now a safe way to speed things up as these boosters allow
Significantly shorten crafting times. However, players still need the
correct plans and enough material to be able to manufacture the desired weapon.

Charity box rewards, shooting range targets and more …

1.2 contains many other additions. Even with
We would like to point out some of the improvements to our changelogs.
Based on your feedback, we’ve added rewards to help others through the charity
Box. The more food you send to the needy, the bigger and better the amount
Rewarded. We also plan to regularly reset the progress of the charity box
Basis for more opportunities in the future.

Regarding the shelter: the shooting range has been significantly improved, including a number of new challenges with more varied challenge options (and you now have more new weapons to try!). On request, we have also added moving targets. So fire them, train your target and lead those shots! Speaking of challenges, there are also a number of new guys coming to the Daily Challenges rotation to add variety and keep things fresh. And last but not least, we listened to the feedback about team killing and from now on team killers can no longer loot the body of their teammate. This, along with being identified as a team killer, should make “friendly fire” in random duos much less common.

Christmas in the Outlands

The first thing you will likely notice when entering Vigor
after update 1.2: Preppers is the change of season. All cards and yours
Shelter, will get a good dose of Christmas joy as a respite from that
brutal struggle of post-war Norway. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised
of the many Easter eggs that come with it – don’t hesitate to share who you are
Able to find! As always, we look forward to your feedback. let us celebrate
Christmas in post-war Norway together, Outlanders.

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