Vikas Gupta reveals he dated Pratyusha Banerjee

Vikas Gupta opened up on his personal life, revealing that he was dating late TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee.

He also said she found out he was bisexual after their breakup up.

Vikas said that only two women he has already dated know sure son sexual orientation, one of them being Pratyusha.

He said: “Pratyusha arrived at know about it after we broke up up.

“We were together for a short range.

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“The pause-up reason would be that some people was talking bad on me to her.

” But I do not want to go into details car she is not more.

” I was very angry with her after the pause-up. I avoided her when I saw her on the road once.

“She called me to ask me how could I do that. I liked Pratyusha. I wanted make a big project with her. Alas.”

Pratyusha is dead in 2016 of apparent suicide.

Her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh was accused by her parents of assassinate him and pass him on off as suicidal.

On Rahul, Vikas said: “The visual I remember of Is Rahul Raj Singh eating potato chips outside hospital (when Pratyusha committed suicide).

“I walked in to see that Makrand Malhotra was there and he was calling up people.

“Pratyusha had dated Makrand (before Rahul) and it was the sweetest relationship of his life.”

On the third birthday of her death in 2019, Vikas paid tribute:

“Today is the 1st of April and every time I hear it’s April Fool’s Day.

“Instead of of smiling what i did i think of you Pratyusha, I remember the call what i thought was a joke call and it reminds me of the 20 minutes I sat alone looking at you.

“No one was here. Mak was running everywhere outside trying to sort things out and figure things out (Good Man) others were still at know that you are gone.

“You were a star this left our universe too soon.

“This world is cruel and each year i learn more. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me.

“Yes you never asked for help but this world is a little like that even when help on ask no one come forward.

“We see signs but we avoid them. i really hope you are in a better place. “

Regarding son sexual orientation, Vikas Gupta said that after coming out in public, his family the members moved away from him.

Vikas has now stated that he has succeeded in work on his strained relationship with his family members.

He added: “I sort of went ahead with my motherpoint of view on his relationship with my father.

“But I thought out my father as he stayed with me for a year, recently.

“Whatever memories I couldn’t make with him earlier, I managed to do them during the confinement period.

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