Violation of the rights of women journalists … Turkey is at the top of the list of countries

Turkey led die List of countries in women journalists were attacked and threatened in the first quarter of this year.

The first quarterly report by the Coalition of Women in Journalism showed that a total of 114 women journalists in the country had been attacked and threatened since the beginning of 2021.

The International Organization for the Support of Women Journalists published the first quarterly report for the first quarter of this year, in which she pointed out that the center had documented 348 cases of violence and threats against female journalists around the world in the first quarter of 2021.

She also pointed out that in this period die Total number of cases against women in the media compared to the first quarter of last year by 284.8%.

A pioneering country

According to the report is die Turkey the leading country in Relation to attacks and threats against female journalists.

He added that die Turkey has been the leading country in attacks and threats against female journalists since the beginning of the year, as we registered a total of 114 female journalists, die have been attacked and threatened since early 2021.

He added that around 50 female journalists appeared in court on unsubstantiated charges, 20 of them at work in Newsrooms were bullied, 15 were subjected to police violence while reporting from the police, 14 were arrested, three were sentenced to prison and three were expelled. while one journalist was threatened and another was the target of racist rhetoric.

The climate of despotism

In addition, there was the report of the women’s coalition in the press concluded that the increasingly authoritarian political climate in Turkey is still targeting journalists since die monotonous news, die published by pro-government media on the orders of President Erdogan, die Violate freedom of expression. as he put it.

Meanwhile, according to the report, journalists wanted to write the truth struggle in order to continue their work.

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