Violence, breakdown and internal war. Lebanon has been turned into the unknown

At a time when international efforts are increasing to find a solution that will save Lebanon as soon as possible after it is on the verge of collapse, an internal war is looming after the failure of the ruling political class to find effective solutions .

Lebanon is currently in what is believed to be the worst economic crisis in decades, and given the deterioration in the Lebanese pound versus the dollar exchange rate and the lack of political solutions, a report by the American CNN network indicated that an internal war is ahead the gates is.

Sights are not threatening

In the details, the report made it clear that the daily scenes of violence that have become commonplace on the Lebanese street are not good at all. This was related to video clips that have been spreading in the last few days and fights in trade deals in different areas of Lebanon in between show citizens over some government subsidized goods which confirm that these facts threaten to turn the country into a worse turn.

Those signals came amid reports from the World Bank announcing that more than half of Lebanon’s population is currently living in poverty after the value of the local currency fell alarmingly, forcing some grocery stores, pharmacies and businesses to close.

No agreement … but a return to first place

As for the political class, after the meeting where President Michel Aoun and President-elect Saad Hariri met in the Republican Palace, they recently took the line of forming a government, where they agreed on another date next Monday, which is supposed to bring with it he “answers how to get to the formation of a government”. According to Hariri, who said after the meeting, he spoke of an opportunity to compose.

Although the form of the ministerial composition, ranging from the formation of a government from specialists in a specific task to technopolitical, bringing together the main forces and parties, the size of the government (18 or 20 ministers) and the distribution of ministerial portfolios by size, but the hidden part of the obstacles. This still prevents an agreement on the government, that is the program of their political work, that is still the subject of discussion and reaction in the scenes of the government that is bringing the country back to the first place.

Into the unknown

Faced with these obstacles, Lebanon witnesses protests across the country almost daily, with protesters blocking the streets to denounce the living situation, amid the report’s allegations that the country may be headed for the unknown.

It is noteworthy that the decline in purchasing power in the country has left some families unable to meet their basic needs and keep their day going. The flight from the green exchange rate has also accelerated the pace for a full social life explosion, with protest movements returning to the streets in recent hours in more than one area to protest the high dollar exchange rate and the deterioration in living conditions .

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