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Violence will return in Northern Ireland?.. A bomb against two policemen in a residential neighborhood

Yesterday evening, the Northern Ireland authorities announced the arrest of three men in connection with the attempt to hit two police officers in a bomb attack, in an incident that is the first of its kind for several years.

An attempt to target the two policemen took place Thursday night in the town of Strabane, in the west of the county which belongs to the United Kingdom, near the border with the Republic of Ireland, and police said the operation was accomplished by an “improvised explosive device”.

In a statement on Twitter, county police announced that an investigation into the act as an “attempted murder” had been opened. The Counter Terrorism Unit arrested three men, two of them 36 years old and the third 28 years old, and in numerous raids were conducted in the city.

Police indicated that the three men were arrested under the “anti-terrorism” law.

Assistant Chief Constable of Northern Ireland Bobby Singleton said Friday the two officers were on routine patrol in aauto police officers when they saw a flash and heard a loud bang. He explained that the two policemen were not injured. However, they found traces of damage to them auto following the explosion.

Police found what could be described as a wire to control the IED during subsequent searches.

Singleton described the attempt to target a busy residential neighborhood as “completely ill-advised”.

He specified that the preliminary investigations indicate the involvement of a “republican” group (that is, which calls for the unification of the island of Ireland by annexing the province that currently belongs to the United Kingdom to the Republic of Ireland) is the “New Irish Republican Army ” in the operation, in based on place in which the accident was recorded and to the “accidents”. earlier”.

The targeted attempt comes amid an atmosphere of instability hovering over Northern Ireland, where an effective government could not be formed for nearly a year amid disputes over trade measures post-Brexit.

Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin described “any attempt to harm members of Northern Ireland’s security forces or police” as “absolutely shocking” and “condemned”.

For his part, the British minister for Northern Ireland Chris Heaton Harris called the accident “very serious” and expressed his satisfaction that no one was harmed.

Meanwhile, the deputy leader of the “Sinn Féin” (Republican) party, Michelle O’Neill, who is expected to take over as prime minister in Northern Ireland in the case in which an agreement is reached to form a government of national unity, declared that the incident was “condemned” and urged the population to “unite ranks in the face of these actions”.

And the chords of pace passed in 1998 ended decades of sectarian violence against the backdrop of British rule in Northern Ireland, which left 3,500 people dead.

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