Virat Kohli pressured, disobeyed and protested referees, claims David Lloyd

After England lost to India in the T20I series, Lloyd continued to claim that Kohli’s proposal to pressure umpire Nitin Menon to give a soft signal in their favor in the 5th T20I was doubtful. Lloyd added that he was certain the Indian captain had “protested with umpires” during the tour.

Lloyd wrote in his column for Daily mail“Kohli also suggested that England put pressure on the referees to give the ‘soft signal’ when Dawid Malan made a low catch in the fourth T20. First, the soft signal is there to give the referees as much authority on the field as possible. ” .

“And I don’t know if England put pressure on Nitin Menon in Ahmedabad, but I do know one thing – Kohli put pressure, referees and respect for referees on during this tour.”

Lloyd also criticized the International Cricket Council (ICC) for failing to strictly handle the clashes between players on the field.

He continued: “There have also been a number of clashes in India which, if copied, pervade all levels. On Tuesday (March 23), towards the end of the innings in India, there was another. You shouldn’t face any opposing players put.” on the field. It’s just not done. And the toothless International Cricket Council did nothing. “

On Monday (March 22nd) during a press conference in Pune before the first ODI against England, Kohli said: “I played a long time when there was no DRS, right? When the referee made a decision whether the batsman liked it or not “It stayed that way; conversely, if the umpire didn’t give it up and it was out, it stayed that way whether it was marginal or not.”

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