Virtual influencers promote fashion in the world of the Metaverse

With the launch of virtual worlds, or what became known as the “Metaverse”, we are witnessing the first successes of its inhabitants by virtual influencers from the Far East. Find out below the most important:

With colored hair and eternal youth, Bangkok’s Naughty Poe is a fictional character and one of the new generation of virtual influencers who have managed to find their place in the real world. This influencer was created by Thai fashion designer Adisak Jirasakam and his friends during the coronavirus pandemic. With his modern personality, he has managed to win many followers on social media and to be successful in the field of fashion shows held on the Internet.

Thai virtual influencer Bangkok Naughty Boo
Thai virtual influencer Bangkok Naughty Boo

Bangkok’s Naughty Poe Instagram page promotes fashion and cultural products. She stated in her introductory video: “I’ll be 17 forever . I dream of becoming a pop star”.

The growing interest in virtual characters coincides with the launch of the concept of “metaverse”, a term used to describe virtual and three-dimensional worlds originating from video games. The popularity of pops star virtual whose characters have been created in Japan, China and Korea helped pave the way for the expansion of the industry, which has now generated nearly $ 13.8 billion in revenue.

The first inhabitants of metaphysics:

The number of virtual influencers is around 130 in “Metaverse”, this virtual world that digital giants, including Facebook, are working on. The spread of the Corona pandemic has helped to limit direct interactions between people, and at the same time it has enhanced indirect communication by relying on advanced technological technologies. As for the generation targeted by these influencers, they are those born in the mid-nineties of the last century and recently entered the fray of work, as well as the generation that is preparing to come out of adolescence and get used to the three dimensional worlds that accompany video games.

Thai virtual influencer Aye Aileen
Thai virtual influencer Aye Aileen

The reality of these fictional characters:

Aye Aileen, a Thai virtual influencer, identifies as 21 and has the AB blood type. He is a fictional person created by SIA, the first and only virtual influencer agency in Bangkok. The agency revealed on its website that it plans to create a collective hub for many virtual influencers who will have unique looks and personality traits.

Korean virtual influencer Rosie

Rosie is the first virtual Korean influencer created in 2020, she was chosen by the American house Calvin Klein to present a collection of hers outfit, and Emma is there virtual Japan’s most famous influencer and was created in 2018.

The hypothetical highest-paid influencer is Lil Miquela, a Los Angeles-based robot who charges $ 7,000 for each release on social media with whom he collaborates as Prada and Calvin Klein. In Thailand, Bangkok has hired Naughty Poo with a large modeling agency, while Aileen is an ambassador for a phone company mobile. It seems that the collaboration between virtual influencers and brands will expand in the coming days due to their popularity, commitment and distance from the changes in moods and attitudes that characterize human nature.

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