Virtual people are a new industry growing 50% every year!

About five years ago, it was feared that robots would replace people and take their jobs, and some industrial and logistics jobs have already been replaced by these robots.

Today, a new contender in the job market is “virtual people”, a combination of animation, voice and machine learning technologies that create digital people in able to sing and interact with a human being.

You must have been talking to a primitive version of them when you contacted banks or telecommunications companies. And soon we may be dealing with a 3D model, complete with virtual characters.

According to Chinese technology company Baidu, the number of virtual people the company has worked to launch in based on customer demand has doubled since 2021.

As technology improved, the production costs of these people decreased by about 80% in a year, with price ranges from $2,800 a year for a 2D virtual person to $14,300 a year for a 3D virtual person!

The overall virtual people industry is projected to continue growing at 50% annually through 2025.

In August, Beijing announced a plan to grow the virtual people industry to $7 billion by 2025.

From a business point of view, a lot of attention is paid to the way in which virtual people create content.

According to Kantar, a leading research firm in China, brands in China are looking for alternative social influencers, ambassadors and spokespersons after several celebrities in China have recently been confronted with rumors of tax evasion and personal scandals.

Some virtual person buyers also include financial services companies, tourism, media and entertainment, such as singers and performers.

According to a survey conducted by Kantar, 45% of advertisers said they would hire a virtual influencer or invite a virtual person to attend a brand event in 2023.

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