Virus Lockdown in Beijing

Beijing is a city under lockdown.

Life in the Chinese capital has ground to a stop, as authorities wage a desperate fight to consist of the coronavirus epidemic.

Sebastien Le Belzic, a reporter based in Beijing for 13 years, has actually discovered himself mostly restricted to his home, providing him a front-row seat to the federal government’s efforts to manage the virus.

Turning the cam on his own everyday regimen with his other half and boy, Sebastien supplies an unusual inside peek into life under quarantine.

The image that emerges is among a city where trains typically packed with commuters are strangely empty, where multilane highways infamous for traffic gridlock are lacking vehicles, a city where not simply people, however even canines, use masks.

Venturing out, Sebastien and his other half put on the required deal with masks and prepare to go through the various checkpoints and obstructions around the city.

“The entire apparatus of the Communist Party, its neighbourhood committees, which usually monitors residents’ political and social behaviour, have now been turned into specialised virus watchdogs,” he states.

“Temperature monitoring, mandatory quarantine after leaving the city, mandatory masks, Beijingers have slowly disappeared from view in their city, forced to stay home by both the government and fear.”

Sebastien likewise exposes how Chinese authorities are tracking people’s location – there are now apps that enable citizens to geolocate people who have actually been identified.

With the majority of the world’s media cut off from the capital, 101 East follows one reporter’s “chronicle of confinement”.

Source:   Al Jazeera

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