Vivek Oberoi, a form of being away from glare, also helped 2.5 lakh cancer-affected children in 18 years

World Cancer Day was observed on 4 February to spread awareness about cancer worldwide. All celebrities are also contributing in the cancer eradication campaign. These include Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who has been engaged in this work for 18 consecutive years. Even though Vivek is now seen in a few films, but he is very active in social matters.

In the last 18 years, Vivek has helped more than 2.5 lakh underprivileged children to fight cancer emotionally and financially. He joined the Cancer Patients and Association (CPAA) in 2004. With the association, Vivek rescued the families sleeping on the pavement outside the Tata Memorial Hospital. Gave them a place to live and also provided financial assistance to their children to fight the terrible disease.

Vivek talks to pharmaceutical companies
Vivek has talked about forging relationships with doctors, thanking them and accepting them for not charging, receiving life-saving drugs at discounted prices and partnering with the CPAA from pharmaceutical companies.

Vivek said – right of every child to chance
Not only this, Vivek has also helped the farmers and their families who had to mortgage their land and houses with loans. He says, ‘My aim is to ensure that no child suffers because many parents are unable to afford the treatment and cost of cancer. If there is a way to win this battle, then every child has the right to chance.

Cancer victims celebrate birthdays with children
Let me tell you, Vivek celebrated his birthday 18 years ago with children suffering from cancer. To make him happy, he invited those who had won the battle with cancer and called him an angel. People with cancer have emotionally motivated and strengthened other children to fight the disease and this trend continues till now.

Vivek feels blessed
Recalling my journey with young cancer patients, Vivek says, ‘I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to meet these angels and help them to the best of my ability. The smile on his face inspires me to stay there. I urge everyone to come forward and help those who are not different from other children. ‘

Appeal to help people
According to Vivek, ‘My biggest achievement in the last 18 years has been to help cancer, financially and emotionally to more than 2.5 lakh poor children of farmer families in rural India. I appeal to other capable people to extend a helping hand as well.