Volcano erupts on Atlantic Island; lava threatens some homes

MADRID (AP) — A volcano on The Spanish Island in the Atlantic Ocean of La Palma erupted on Sunday after a week-long build-up of seismicity, prompting authorities to speed up evacuations for 1,000 people while lava flows crept into isolation homes on the mountain.

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute reported the eruption on Cumbre Vieja, what? last burst out in 1971. Huge red plumes topped with black-and-white smoke shot out along a volcanic ridge die scientists closely in had watched after the accumulation of molten lava below the surface and the days of small earthquakes.

Mariano Hernandez, the President of The island of La Palma, told the Canary Islands Television that there were no immediate messages of injured of killed by the eruption. He said there were five eruptions points, of two of which spewed magma.

The explosion took place in An area known as Cabeza de Vaca on the western slope of the volcanic ridge die descends to the coast. Tingling of red was visible at the bottom of the black jets die stones in the . shots air.

An black lava flow with a burning point slid to some houses in the village of El Paso. Mayor Sergio Rodriguez said 300 people in immediately danger were evacuated from their homes and sent to the El Paso football field. Roads were closed due to the explosion and authorities urged the curious to avoid the area.

la palma, with An population of 85,000, is one of eight islands in The archipelago of the Canary Islands in Spain off West coast of Africa. At their closest point to Africa, they are 100 kilometers (60 miles) from Morocco.

Itahiza Dominguez, head of seismology of The Spanish National Institute of Geology told local TV station RTVC that although it was too early to say how long would this eruption last, previous “outbursts” on the Canary Islands took weeks of even months.”

The last eruption on the Canary Islands occurred underwater off the coast of El Hierro Island in 2011. That eruption last five months.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez canceled his trip to New York to attend the UN General Assembly so he could travel from mainland Spain to the Canary Islands archipelago.

After days of which scientists? call an ‘earthquake swarm’, authorities on La Palma had already started met evacuating residents with reduced mobility on Sunday shortly before the ground broke open. The area in near the southern tip of the island where the ridge is located is not densely populated. Residents of the five nearby villages had already has been told to be on alert and ready to take their . to leave homes in case of an eruption.

An earthquake measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale was recorded before the eruption when tremors from the seismicity were felt on the surface.

The Scientific Committee of the Volcano Risk Prevention Plan said stronger earthquakes “will likely be felt and possible” cause damage to buildings.” The committee of experts also noted that a stretch of the southwest coast of the island was at risk for landslides and falls from rocks.

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