Volcker: 80% agreement between military, freedom and change in Sudan

One day before the expectation of large-scale demonstrations in Sudan, United Nations envoy Volker Perthes confirmed that consensus among the parties in the country has reached 80% on many political issues.

He said in an interview with Al Gharbia / Al Hadath today, Wednesday: “We are not part of the talks of the Central Council for Freedom and Change and the military component, but it has reached an agreement of about 80%”.

He also clarified that the main point of contention between the two sides revolves around the levels of sovereignty and who represents it, and the question of the survival of the military in state government institutions.

The military is part of the solution

Furthermore, he considered that “the dialogue of 8 June was not balanced due to the absence of some political parties”, adding that “all the parties have now agreed to deal with the tripartite mechanism which includes the United Nations, the African Union and Intergovernmental Development Authority in East Africa – IGAD, with the exception of the Communist Party. “He stressed that freedom and change are an essential component of the solution, but they are not enough.

He also felt that “those who staged the coup are part of the problem and must be part of the solution,” as he said, referring to the military component.

“I’m not biased”

As for the allegations that from time to time in time they pursue him, vindicating his prejudices, denied them completely and in detail, saying: “I am not aligned with the Central Council, but we are not neutral with respect to a return to a constitutional democracy situation.”

And he added: “I work in transparent way with the African Union, and if anyone inside the tripartite mechanism thinks that I hold meetings without their knowledge, they just have to talk to me “.

Regarding the demonstrations, he stressed the need not to provoke the security forces and not to use violence against the demonstrators at the same time.

Postponed indefinitely

The tripartite mechanism launched on 8 June an official round of direct dialogue between all the parties, to reach a solution that would put an end to the political impasse in the country, with the next round on 12 June, but was then postponed to indefinite period. Although a delegation of the Forces of Freedom and Change – the Central Council (one of the main civilian components of the country) met on 9 June with a military delegation, in the first meeting of this kind since the autumn of last year 2021, the so-called “Thursday meeting”, and it was considered a step towards the re-communication between the two sides and the progress in the chapters of the dialogue.

But “Freedom and Change” reiterated that it still refuses military participation in the government, and calls for the cancellation of all the exceptional measures imposed by the Sudanese army last year, despite the ongoing dialogue between it and the military component.

It is interesting to note that the country has been experiencing a political crisis between the civilian and military components since 25 October last year, which has led to the dissolution of the government and the imposition of a state of emergency.

It also pushed some civilian bodies and coordinations of the time to go out in a series of events that still repeat themselves from time to time in time.

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