Wagner’s Commander Describes Difficult Situation During Brutal Bakhmut Battle

Bloody battles taking place in the industrial city of Bakhmut located in the eastern Dsk region of Ukraine between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

While casualties on both sides mount in exponentially every day, Ukrainians face relentless Russian attacks in that city divided by the small river Pakhmutka, which is now the front line of battles.

The situation is very difficult

Despite violent attacks by Russian Wagner forces, Ukrainian forces maintain control over the almost deserted western part of the city, especially in the factory area, while Wagner controls much of the eastern part.

However, the situation is difficult, as the battles have turned in something like a war of attrition. Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin confirmed on Sunday evening that the situation in Bakhmut is “very difficult,” according to Reuters.

“The closer we get to the city center, the harder it will be to fight,” he added, in remarks broadcast on his Telegram accounts, noting that Ukrainians are pouring soldiers in great number.

Other in I arrive

Furthermore, he confirmed that his group had received more support and ammunition, suggesting that more were on the way.

These statements came after that in he had previously complained about a lack of military support for his fighters, accusing some senior Russian officers of deliberately cutting off the flow of ammunition to his group.

And Kiev announced that Russian forces had suffered more than 1,000 killed in just one week in that city. Russia, in turn, confirmed that it had inflicted heavy losses on the Ukrainians.

Interestingly, the city transformed several weeks ago in an arena for the fiercest and bloodiest battles, while most of its inhabitants have abandoned it.

Especially as Moscow clings to its control, considering that achieving this goal will create a gap in the Ukrainian defenses and constitute a step towards the conquest of the entire industrial region of Donbass, which has been a major target for Russian forces since start of the war against February 24 last year.