Walmart immediately removes the bizarre Baby Yoda toy from the website

The late, great retailer Marshall Field has said that his shop empire only existed to “give the lady what she wants”. Today “she” wants a plush baby Yoda that we should love and protect forever. Instead, we got a tennis ball with dead eyes and big ears, which was for sale on the Walmart website this morning.

The 11-inch doll, made by Mattel, was sold for $ 24.99 according to the original retail label and is listed with a shipping date of July 1st. Baby Yoda was positioned in the classic “T-pose” that is common for elusive digital renders and most other first-person shooters just before the server crashes. Apart from the beans for ballast in the rear, no other materials were listed. A note on the page also indicated that Walmart was not sure what the end product would look like and could rely on his manufacturing partner completing it prior to shipment. The big-eared child was caught in a facsimile of a floating cradle from The Mandalorian, though with a menacing handle that was clearly shaped like the symbol of the Empire.

Honestly, I’ve seen more adorable Kawokian Monkey Lizards.

The lack of official Baby Yoda toys was a deliberate attempt by showrunner Jon Favreau and the team behind the successful Disney Plus series to avoid leaks. This has put Matell, other toy companies and their retail partners in the uncomfortable position of not having the franchise’s hottest character on the shelves this holiday. You can find some officially licensed clothing on the Shop Disney website. In the meantime, numerous Etsy stores have come up with handmade items, but many are crumbling under the load.

This entry on the Walmart website was clearly an attempt to meet the pent-up demand. We contacted the dealer to find out why exactly this item was removed from the site.

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