Want a Buccaneers Tom Brady jersey? Here’s why you should wait on that

Tom Brady is signing up with the Buccaneers (per reports), however fans should wait prior to acquiring a No. 12 jersey.

No, not since Brady is all of a sudden going to have a change of mind. He’s going to play for theBuccaneers For a number of other factors that we’ll discuss below.

The Buccaneers are getting brand-new uniforms

You might have seen a variety of jersey swaps putting Brady in a Buccaneers uniform following Tuesday night’s news. We even did our own.

Tom Brady

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However Brady won’ t appearance like that in a Tampa Bay uniform– since the Bucs are moving on from those jerseys in the near future.

“We have heard the feedback from our fans loud and clear and have been working with the NFL and our league partners at Nike to usher in a new look as we enter this next decade of Buccaneers football,” Bucs owner Ed Glazer stated in late February. “We look forward to revealing more details in the near future about our official unveiling event which will take place later this spring.”

When are the Buccaneers getting brand-new uniforms?

The team revealed in late February brand-new uniforms will be exposed a long time in April,2020 The team has been primarily peaceful about what the uniforms will look like other than for including, “2020 will bring a new set of uniform enhancements, based on what Buccaneer fans want to see.”

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What will the Buccaneers brand-new uniforms look like?

Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch. com stated previously this month the brand-new uniforms were revealed to him “by an industry source.” Lukas added, “I did a fair amount of vetting to confirm the source’s credibility, and it’s clear to me that what he showed me are indeed the team’s new uniforms.”

The images above are not from a direct source, however rather makings of what Lukas keeps in mind about the jerseys. While not official, it’s a close representation of what they’ll look like.

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What will Tom Brady appearance like in the brand-new Buccaneers jersey?

Lukas rendered that up in the image above.

Chris Godwin currently owns No. 12

Another factor to wait and see on Brady’s jersey is the reality we’re not 100-percent sure he’ll be using No. 12 with the Bucs.

Chris Godwin is a Pro Bowl receiver who has “twelve” in his Twitter manage. He has no commitment to provide Brady his jersey number. He might want to so him and his brand-new quarterback do not leave on the incorrect foot, however he’s not required to.

Brady has actually rather actually made TB12 his brand name, so it promises he ‘d a minimum of attempt to get Godwin to provide him his number. As of right now, we simply do not understand.

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