War in the region, lack of energy and a unified vaccine . the most important expectations of 2022

2021 was the year in rich countries have begun to extricate themselves from the Corona crisis, amid the persistent challenges of undervaccination in most parts of the world and the alarming emergence of the Omicron variable, which has led to a faltering international economy and a high level of inflation and debt. And the epidemic continues to attack and besiege the world.

Despite this, the enormous geopolitical problems the world was grappling with before the Crown have not disappeared, from the growing tensions between the West, China and Russia to the scarcity of international action to tackle climate change.

What will 2022 achieve?

According to the Atlantic Council, a reputable international think tank, The 12 most important risks and opportunities for the world in 2022 have been identified from an American perspective At the request of the American security services, they are as follows:

Lack of a Corona vaccine in countries in via development is leading to the emergence of new types of mutations that could be more contagious and deadly and damage the world economy.


The failure of the nuclear deal and the outbreak of war

The Council also expected the failure of Western efforts to revive the Iranian nuclear deal and the possibility of Israel and America launching military action against nuclear facilities, but warned of a violent reaction from Iran, which could turn in a global battle that will hit the Middle East.

One of the most important risks mentioned in the report is Russia’s attack on Ukraine in light of the military buildup between the two sides and the high level of tension.

The report also mentioned that one of the most important potential risks for the coming year is the stagnation of the Chinese economy, which will lead to global turmoil, despite all fears of China’s rise, but its weakness could pose the greatest danger. . President Xi Jinping’s crackdown on the technology sector and now on the real estate sector, which accounts for about 29% of the Chinese economy, puts in highlights the fragility of the country’s economic system.


Lack of energy and lack of food

The concern is that energy shortages, demographic decline, declining growth and productivity and debt may be signs of impending turmoil.

The report also stated that the collapse of Afghanistan is most likely due to the humanitarian crisis and that America will suffer greatly from the consequences of this collapse.

The report also provided that the countries in via of development would have suffered from more serious economic problems, driven by political instability.

He also expected that a barrel of oil would exceed $ 100 a barrel and that the world would not meet its climate goals.

The research predicted the outbreak of a cold war with China, but it is difficult and with devastating results, given the complexity of the Chinese economy and its connection with most of the countries of the world, unlike the Soviet Union.

The report also predicts that food insecurity around the world will increase, driven by COVID-19, climate change and conflict, as more countries emerge from their current fragile state and transform. in been failed.

The last expectation is the decline of American democracy, as next year is shaping up to be a year in which American democracy will be eroded in meaningfully.


A global vaccine for Corona e standard for artificial intelligence

As for the potential opportunities for the coming year, the report predicted that members of the World Trade Organization would make the necessary reforms and also expected researchers to develop a universal vaccine against all coronaviruses.

Global powers are collaborating on new ones standard and regulations for artificial intelligence. The report also pointed to the possibility for the United States to help avoid a crisis in Ukraine.

Besides expecting a breakthrough between China and the US, which is a slim possibility.

The report also predicts that the US could launch an Asia-Pacific digital trade deal, the US, China and Russia could start cooperating in space, and there was little chance Congress would reach an immigration reform deal.

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