Warface Update 2.55 – Patch Notes on December 24, 2022

A new update has been released for Warface Update 2.55. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Warface Update 2.55 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.



In this update, we have tweaked the steps and surrounding sounds. Check them out and share your thoughts in the comments. Here is what you can pay attention to:

  • Did sounds become quieter or louder?
  • Can you hear steps well?
  • Can you understand where the sound is coming from (position it)?
  • Can you tell how sounds change depending on the surface type? For example, can you tell that the enemy is walking on top of a metal container, on wooden planes, water, or soil?


The resource consumption on low graphics settings has been optimised. Now, when picking these settings, only low resolution textures are loaded in, as they consume less PC resources. The requirements for optimal hardware for graphics and game performance might become higher with time. If your PC does not meet them, it might be tough to have perfect results. Choose what is more important to you — performance or quality graphics. If you want the best experience, make sure your PC meets the minimal requirements and set the graphics to anything over “low” in the settings.



This event is filled with holiday spirit and festive cheer, but has also kept the general principle of the previous events: play and earn the event currency to get desired novelties.

During the event, you will be able to try out the new PvP mode “Brawl”, take advantage of new contracts and earn lots of rewards.

Intrigued? Learn more about the new PvP event and its rewards in a dedicated article!



A “Carnival” gear set has been added to the game, it includes a mask and gloves. The items’ characteristics are similar to those of the “Brainivore” series. More below.

Carnival Mask

  • Head protection — 75% in PvP (65% in PvE and SO).
  • Flash-bang protection — 50%.
  • Restores health by 3 points at a time after 2 sec. without impacts.

Carnival Gloves

  • Hands protection — 33% in PvP (25% in PvE and SO).
  • Reload speed — 5%.
  • Restores armour by 3 points at a time after 2 sec. without impacts.


This tough looking Canadian man will very soon share his story. For now, we lift the veil and tell you about the items you will find in the agent’s set: the Agent Grizzly Rifleman skin, H&K G36 Assault, TEC-9, and the Black Hawk axe of the “Woodland” series, along with camos for the regular versions of these weapons and the Bear Claw charm.

You can learn more about the agent in a dedicated publication.

The agent’s set is already available in the game shop.


We have prepared a contract for the upcoming winter holidays. Among the rewards, you will find new gear (Carnival Mask and Gloves) and camos (Desert Eagle and Tactical Axe of the “Present” series), an achievement set and a weapon charm as a final reward.




Sentry 12

  • Reduced barrel flash when using the unique flash suppressor.


  • Improved the aiming grid of the 2x sight. It is now better visible against a dark background.


  • Increased damage (from 425 to 505).
  • Increased body damage multiplier (from 1,15 to 1,32).
  • Increased arms damage multiplier (from 1,25 to 1,32).

Barrett M82A1

  • Increased damage (from 433 to 515).
  • Increased body damage multiplier (from 1,13 to 1,3).
  • Increased arms damage multiplier (from 1,23 to 1,3).

CDX-MC Kraken

  • Heavy Frame mod: increased damage bonus (from 80 to 180).

Kel-Tec RDB-C

  • The Trinity mod: reduced damage penalty (from 72 to 60).


  • Heavy Frame mod: increased damage bonus (from 70 to 175).

Mauser Kar98k

  • Increased body damage multiplier (from 1 to 1,1).
  • Heavy Frame mod: increased damage bonus (from 70 to 145).

Mauser C96 Custom

  • Improved positive effects of unique mods:
    • Akimbo-Guns mod: increased fire rate bonus (from 15% to 30%);
    • Illegal Rejiggering mod: increased fire rate bonus (from 70% to 75%).
  • Updated shooting sounds.


  • Battle Pass:
    • updated the display of the daily mission card in the BP menu. Now, the free slots are highlighted and the text is aligned properly;
    • added quest rarity highlighting in the daily quest window.
  • In-game events, RM: updated the dialogue purchase window in the shop.
  • Boxes with АK-47, Fabarm P.S.S.10, SR-2 Veresk, M40A5, and Desert Eagle:
    • updated temporary rewards in the boxes;
    • tweaked the drop chances of the regular permanent versions.
  • Random boxes: added highlighting of permanent items.
  • Simplified the process of buying boxes in the Ranked and Event shops. Now, the boxes appear on top of the list. After purchasing them, the player remains on the same screen and may continue browsing the shop.
  • Scoreboard: added highlighting of the winner team’s icon.
  • Updated localization: added some missing texts of in-game and item descriptions, fixed some inconsistencies.



  • Fixed a bug, due to which when picking adaptive quality and low graphics settings, visual artefacts could appear in the game (such as blurry targets and fairy lights at the shooting range).
  • Fixed a bug, due to which terminals in Special Operations did not have the HP bars.
  • Fixed some bugs that lead to client crashes.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which a different amount of currency would be deducted when buying items on sale in the game shop. This happened because the fractions were being rounded.


  • AK Alpha, Push Daggers: fixed a bug, due to which the standard weapon version had extra geometry of a skinned version.
  • H&K G36 Assault: fixed a bug, due to which the size of the aim dot would be different on weapons of different series.
  • IMBEL IA2 Assault: fixed a bug, due to which the unique sight had a blurry aiming grid.
  • Golden K&M Arms M17: fixed a bug, due to which kills with the weapon would not count towards the progress of some achievements.
  • Raider Desert Tech MDRX: fixed a bug, due to which the weapon’s stats were different from the basic version (it had better accuracy).
  • Aviator SIG MPX Copperhead: fixed a bug, due to which the weapon’s stats were different from the basic version (it had better damage and accuracy).
  • Kel-Tec RDB-C: fixed a bug, due to which the bonus from the mod that increased sight switching speed was displayed as a negative effect.
  • Tundra Mauser Kar98k: fixed a bug, due to which the unique silencer was available before unlocking it first in the weapon progression.
  • Exquisite SIG Sauer P226: fixed a bug, due to which the weapon model was incorrectly displayed at certain graphics settings.
  • Enchanted Khopesh: fixed a bug, due to which the weapon visuals were incorrectly displayed. The visuals of the weapon changed as well.
  • Mods for devices: fixed a bug, due to which no mastery points were granted for playing with temporary versions of items.
  • Hammer Squad Medic Suit: fixed a bug, due to which the glass on the character’s helmet was not transparent.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the client’s work was disrupted by switching to the mastery window with the SED.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the charm attached to a weapon was incorrectly displayed if the weapon fell on the ground after the character’s death.


  • Hawkrock: fixed an exploit of a shoot-through spot with a bomb though a building by a defender team’s climbing spot.
  • Yard: fixed a bug, due to which the player could get stuck at certain spots on the balcony at the 2nd bomb planting spot.
  • Destination: fixed a bug, due to which, with the sprint speed enhancing mods, it was possible to plant the bomb in an unintended place at the 2nd bomb planting spot.


  • Fixed a bug, due to which grenades, after purchasing them in the game store, were equipped into all slots at once. Now, they will only be equipped into a slot that already holds a similar item.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the player could see visual artefacts (a floating sight) in the spectator mode if the player died while aiming.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which there was no lock icon in custom rooms on locked classes, which the player could not use due to a low level.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the amount of Resurrection coins was not updated after using them on a mission or purchasing them in the store.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which allies’ shadows were not be visible.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the game interface would be displayed incorrectly if the player left a PvP room and went to the SO window.


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