Warframe Deadlock Protocol hotfix 28.0.5 patch notes

A quite crucial patch has just got here for Warframe, as it makes some changes to how Main Kitguns work in thegame Main Kitguns are one of the larger dependency from the Deadlock Protocol update that got here last week, so seeing favorable early changes to how they work is a good thing.

To make it sweet and brief, it has actually been enthusiasts all throughout the board, which you will discover comprehensive in the patch notesbelow A Lot Of of them are significant enhancements and should make the Main Kitguns a much better option, and more enjoyable touse After that comes a lot of fixes and tweaks, with several bugs being compressed in the Jackal fight.

You can discover the full patch notes below.

The Deadlock Protocol: Hotfix 28.0.5

Main Kitgun changes
Below are balance changes that impact Main Kitguns just based on feedback.


  • Projectile life time increased from 0.3 secs to.42 secs.
  • Fall Off increased from 12-24 m to 20-40 m.


  • Charge time reduced from 0.8 secs to 0.5 secs with Bold Grip.
  • Charge time increased from 0.8 secs to 1.1 secs with Steadyslam Grip.
  • Charge time increased from 0.8 secs to 1.4 secs with Trembling Grip.


  • Range increased from 18 m to 30 m with Bold Grip.
  • Range increased from 15 m to 26 m with Wise Grip.
  • Range increased from 12 m to 20 with Steadyslam Grip.
  • Range increased from 9m to 16 with Trembling Grip.


  • Damage decrease decreased from -38 to -24 when utilized with Catchmoon Chamber.
  • Damage decrease decreased from -28 to -20 when utilized with Tombfinger Chamber. When utilized with Rattleguts Chamber,
  • Damage decrease decreased from -6 to -2.


  • Damage decrease decreased from -19 to -12 when utilized with Catchmoon Chamber.
  • Damage decrease decreased from -14 to -10 when utilized with Tombfinger Chamber. When utilized with Rattleguts Chamber,
  • Damage decrease decreased from -3 to -1.

Granum Void Changes & & Fixes:
!! Consists Of The Deadlock Protocol Quest Spoilers !! Révéler le contenu masqué

Railjack Changes & & Fixes:

  • General stability changes towards Railjack missions when a Host migration takes place. This touches on concerns associated with Crewships not generating after a Host migration, and crashing when a Crewship generating sets off a Host migration. When ruining Fighters,
  • Fixed a crash that might occur.
  • Fixed Railjack doors in some cases avoiding you from moving through unless you move back and approach them again.
  • Fixed a script error associated to Ditching Railjack Wreckage.


  • Made enhancements towards color customization on the new Melee Moa Buddy. This fixes your color customization hardly impacting the Moa.
  • Kubrows that do not have a Collar can not be equipped for missions, however they can now be set to stroll the Orbiter from the Arsenal.
    • This fixes not having the ability to complete the Groan of the Kubrow Quest.
  • Increased the exposure and strength of Corpus Ship door lasers, in addition to including a forcefield FX.
  • Smoothed out the coloring on the level up UI lens flare to be a bit less intrusive with particular Energy colors.
  • Quests in the Codex will now display the Proficiency Rank requirement (if appropriate) if you currently do not satisfy that requirement.
  • Increased the shimmer in Parvos’ eyes in his transmissions. This is the modification all of us wanted to see.


  • Carried Out a new version of the frame-rate limiter to fix problems presented with Windows 10 Build 2004 as noted  here. The new limiter should be compatible with all variations of Windows and should supply an even more constant framerate when your system can run at limit.
  • Improved detection and handling of cache corruption in key systems.

Jackal Fight Fixes:

  • Fixed missing out on wall geometry in the Jackal Assassinate tileset that Wisp can Wil-O-Wisp through and fall out of theworld This results in respawning in the first space of the Jackal arena which has every door closed and locked.
  • Fixed having the ability to stand on destroyed pillar geometry mesh in the Jackal arena.
  • Fixed “Massive Flexplates” transmission throughout the Jackal fight replaying severaltimes When a pillar is destroyed in the Jackal arena,
  • Fixed a script error.
  • Fixed a script error throughout the Parazon Finisher cutscene throughout the Jackal fight.
  • Fixed next Weave platform vanishing when leaping off of and back onto the bridge. As reported here:
  • Fixed Saryn’s Contagion Cloud Augment hazardous cloud damage not being removed if you leave the area of the cloud. Aesthetically it will vanish, however enemies will still be harmed by the hazardous cloud for the period of the mission.
  • Fixed inability to offer the Velox in your Stock.
  • Fixed another case where pushing LT on a controller would activate Chat instead of intending.
  • Fixed enemies that catch on fire from Coal’s Inferno getting a new flaming comet called down and beginning a new circumstances of the ability which can cause a domino effect of quick fire comets in enemy groups. When generated at a high level,
  • Fixed the Tar Mutalist Moas and Sapping Ospreys doing outrageous quantities of damage. As reported here:
  • Fixed Protea’s Passive proving as 0 if you Transfer in/out of the Operator as the Customer.
  • Fixed casting Protea’s Grenade Fan several times in the exact same area triggering black particle FX to stack.
  • Fixed Customers not getting the Credit reward when using a Granum Crown in a Temple Relief after gathering all the Renter entries.
  • Fixed the Temple Relief appearing several times in the exact same Corpus Ship mission, which resulted in a breakdown on the second interaction.
  • Fixed Warframe Specters spinning and running in place on a wall in the Corpus Station Index level.
  • Fixed cases where Buddy stock slots were not counted properly if you didn’t own any Kavats or Kubrows, leading to the game providing you an error when you attempted to take a look at your Stock, Trade, or Craft a new Buddy. When switching in the Arsenal,
  • Fixed Family pet sizes not being applied/reflected.
  • Fixed the Juggernaut having mismatching visuals for its stomp attack damagearea If connected after a various item first,
  • Fixed Riven/Mod Link/Look Link not operating.
  • Fixed subtitle backer in some cases not constantly revealing up in the UI.
  • Fixed private messages to Team member stopping working (declaring the user is offline). When seen via Chat link,
  • Fixed Renter Tradition Piece Decors appearing substantial and off focused.
  • Fixed inability to Chat link Stahlta, Stropha and Velox parts.
  • Fixed inability to Talk link the new Melee Moa parts.
  • Fixed many Operator modifications appearing to have filthy textures.
  • Fixed Wisp and her modifications appearing to have filthy textures.
  • Fixed the Shi Chest Plate Armor accessory clipping through the Wukong.
  • Fixed Nychus Moa description having old Precept names.
    • Now checks out: “This model is built for close-quarters combat, using the Blast Shield and Hard Engage precepts.”
  • Fixed playing the inaccurate Hacking animation when trying to Hack a Corpus terminal with an active Tension Limbo.
  • Fixed Protea’s Skin being identified Protea instead of Protea Skin in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a script error that might occur in the Corpus Gas City Sabotage tileset. When experiencing the Shrewd Drift Security Eye,
  • Fixed a script error. When a Capture Target goes down,
  • Fixed a script error.
  • Fixed Pustrels and corpernics description to their updated drop locations.

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