Warframe takes co-op space warfare to a new level with Empyrean

Our development team has been talking about giving since July 2018 war context Players something other than the tried and tested procedural corridor shooters and open world expansions to which they have got used. They wanted to expand Warframe’s gameplay to ship-to-ship real-time space battles.

the first Railjack demo that was shown at TennoCon a year and a half ago
They turned into a wild, almost impossible dream they once had with our original
Third-person action adventure Dark Sector becomes a reality. Empyrean,
Now available on Xbox One, that’s exactly what Warframe players now have
Key to a powerful battleship and dare to fly in fast-paced, all-out
Battleship fight.

with three beautiful new space environments, Earth, Saturn and Veil Proxima, Warframe
Players must build a dry dock and the Railjack battleship to share theirs
Clan and start into the wild unknowns of space. Everything new in these
Tenno (player name in the game) crashes head-on against enemy
Grineer forces in the team-oriented cooperative game of the next level.

The first level of Empyrean is designed as real honesty
cooperative experience. Solo players will be anyway
To be able to enjoy Empyrean, but the difficulty and the progress is
balanced by two, three and four player teams. Come 2020 we will bring
improved solo skills and even more surprises!

Today, Empyrean will be an intense rush for both newcomers and experienced Xbox players
A player. By shooting waves of enemy fighters and team ships out of the
Pilot or gunner positions, we hope to capture some of them early
Millenium Falcon moments from “Star Wars: A New Hope”. You could only
shout reflexively to your teammates: “Don’t get a cocky child!”

Shooting like a bullet from the Archwing Cannon into enemy ships to protect or destroy their ships could be a touch like our version of these powerful action scenes from “Captain Marvel”.

Before and during each battle, players will learn about Empyrean’s new shipboard systems. Starting with a simple railjack aesthetic like naming your ship, choosing colors or skins to building weapons, armor, and actual ship power, players will discover deep, rich systems that are essential to the fulfillment of their space ninja – and now of the Space Pirate – were developed. Power fantasies.

as they work together to knock down enemy ships, put out fires,
Weld holes in the fuselage, mount enemy vehicles, be mounted by enemy vehicles,
and more, create a unique urgency and gameplay excitement that’s completely new to Warframe.

There is nothing better than a great collaboration during a vacation with family and friends. We believe that you will love Empyrean. So give it a try. war context is free and is now available on Xbox One through the Microsoft Store. And don’t forget to visit our forums to start a conversation and let us know what you think!

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