Warframe Update 1.028 – Patch Notes on June 22, 2023

A new update has been released for Warframe Update 1.028. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Warframe Update 1.028 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo are on display for all to see!
A new island has appeared just off the Duviri mainland, a prison to hold a guilt-ridden betrayer: Kullervo. Enter Kullervo’s Hold to uncover his crimes for yourself and be tested against this formidable opponent.

Dive into Kullervo’s story by playing the new time-limited node that shares its name with the new Duviri island Kullervo’s Hold. Accessible via the Duviri region in the Star Chart, 5 Pathos Clamps is your entry price to a Lone Story version of the Sorrow Spiral destined to bring you head-on against Kullervo to punish him for his crimes against the Kingdom.

Our 53rd Warframe, Kullervo has arrived! Dance in a flurry of blades and seize the power of treachery with his signature shotgun the Rauta.

The Undercroft’s power has grown with a brand new tile, and the Void has brought a familiar character to its Exterminate missions.

Dive into brand new side objectives in The Duviri Experience with Kaithe RacingUndercroft Portals, Lost Belongings, and Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes. Dominus Thrax has also made numerous new Decrees, but has gotten wise to the Drifter’s ways and included a few Spiteful Decrees.

Adorn yourself for your adventures across Duviri and the Origin System with new stylish cosmetics, including the Gauss Kresnik Collection and so much more.

It’s time for the great betrayal!

Read on for details on the above and everything else packed into Update 33.5: The Seven Crimes of Kullervo!

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo is a Mainline Update!

Meaning that everything the team has been working on since the launch of The Duviri Paradox is in this update (with the obvious exception of content that is not ready to be released). It is very likely, as it is with all Mainline updates, that things can slip through the cracks so we will be looking at reports here for any fixes and changes for follow-up Hotfixes to come.

If any of the terms above are new to you, visit “The Warframe Lexicon for Updates” to learn more about Warframe’s development cycle.

Download size: ~1.32 GB on PS4 / ~2.84 on PS5 (typical larger download due to system differences).

PlayStation Specific Notes:

  • Made micro-optimizations to memory on PS4 and PS5.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to all console platforms.
  • Fixed long hitch when opening up Duviri Quest dioramas.


Duviri brings forth a formidable opponent, locked away in perpetual imprisonment for crimes listed, sevenfold. Kullervo’s Hold is a new Duviri Island and time-limited node that grants access to a most notorious inhabitant, Kullervo. 

But first, you must learn what lies ahead before engaging in a tangle of blades with this mystifying convict.

The Fight: 
Kullervo’s fight unfolds in three stages, each requiring you to defeat Kullervo as he exits his holding cells. Persecutor Liminus are quick to be alerted when there is activity in the Hold and will enter the fight at Kullervo’s dismay.

Dueling Kullervo will be a test of all that you have learned in Duviri. Use the skills and Drifter Intrinsics honed by your blade to battle your way to glory against this formidable master of knives. Evade ranged attacks, vengeful backstabs, and unblockable strikes if you wish to survive the onslaught of this tortured warrior. Tenno will need to parry, counter, and rely on their wits if they wish to escape Kullervo’s Hold with their lives intact.
Time-Limited Node:
Starting today @ 12 PM ET until July 5th @ 12 PM ET,
 face off against the most felonious persona this side of the Watershed Hamlet in a time-limited node that gives you guaranteed access to him (read on to also learn about his permanent access methods).

Sealed in a permanent Sorrow Spiral, this time-limited node is a special rendition of The Lone Story which grants you guaranteed access to fighting Kullervo as part of the Stages to complete. As with all Spirals, defeating the Orowyrm is also the grand finale to this Lone Story.
Node Requirements:

  • Completed The Duviri Paradox Quest
  • (5) Pathos Clamps to access the fight through Kullervo’s Hold, a custom Sorrow Spiral. The access fee is applied at the end of the mission in case you experience a mid-mission disconnect. In combination with the Pathos Clamps rewarded from the required Orowyrm phase, the normal path will reward you with 5 Pathos Clamps, and Steel Path will reward 10 Pathos Clamps (offsetting the initial deposit of 5).

If you have yet to fight the Orowyrm to earn Pathos Clamps in Duviri, now is the time! This time-limited node is our way of encouraging players to experience and complete a full Spiral in Duviri if they have yet to do so. Duviri has much to offer, and Kullervo awaits your visitation for a dance of blades.

How to Play the Node: 
Enter the “Kullervo’s Hold” node from the Duviri region in the Star Chart and complete the Spiral stages. Going blade to blade with Kullervo happens during the last stage before fighting the Orowyrm.


Successfully defeating Kullervo and the Orowyrm will reward you handsomely (listed below).

Permanent Access:
Outside of the time-limited node, Kullervo’s Hold is an island that appears in Duviri during the Anger, Fear and Sorrow Spirals. 

Fighting Kullervo at the Kullervo’s Hold island has a chance of being a main Spiral stage in The Lone Story/The Duviri Experience and can also be completed as a side objective in The Duviri Experience (during the aforementioned Spirals). Once he has been defeated he cannot be fought again in that session.

Facing off against Kullervo outside of the special Node does not cost you 5 Pathos Clamps, should you come across him as a main Spiral stage or choose to fight him as a side objective.

Fighting Kullervo in The Lone Story:
Defeating Kullervo has a chance of being one of the Spiral stages to complete during the Anger, Fear and Sorrow Spirals. If it does, it will occur in the second half of the stages so that players have accumulated at least 3 Decrees before fighting him.

Fighting Kullervo in The Duviri Experience:
In addition to fighting Kullervo as a main Spiral Stage, players can also voluntarily start the fight as a side objective during the Anger, Fear and Sorrow Spirals.

Head to Kullervo’s Hold island and speak to The Warden overlooking the cells. Selecting “Confront Kullervo” will begin the fight.

Tread carefully, Kullervo is a fearsome opponent and his attacks are infused with Elemental Damage based on the active Spiral. It is recommended to enter the fight with at least 5 Decrees selected. 

Reminder: Facing off against Kullervo outside of the special Node will not cost you 5 Pathos Clamps. 

Rewards for defeating Kullervo: 
The following applies to both the time-limed node and permanent post-node access.

  • Drifter Intrinsics
  • Duviri Resources
  • A Decree
  • New: Kullervo’s Bane 
    • Rewarded after you have defeated both Kullervo AND the Orowyrm in all of the modes (Time-Limited Node, The Lone Story, and The Duviri Experience).* 
      • *If the Orowyrm is defeated before fighting Kullervo as a side objective in The Duviri Experience, Kullervo’s Bane is rewarded immediately after he has been slain (since the condition of defeating the Orowyrm has already been met). 
    • Normal: Chance at receiving either 4, 5, or 6 Kullervo’s Bane
    • Steel Path: Chance at receiving either 6, 7, or 8 Kullervo’s Bane
      • We’ve caught an issue just before launch that the team will be working to Hotfix ASAP in regards to the mount of Bane given. 

Acrithis’ Wares: Kullervo’s Archive 
Use Kullervo’s Bane to obtain Kullervo’s Blueprints and the Blueprint and Components for the Rauta, from Acrithis’ Wares under the new “Kullervo’s Archive” option.

Kullervo answers for his sins and the sins of others. His daggers and melee prowess deal high damage. Seize the power of treachery to slake his thirst for revenge.

Kullervo boasts +75% Heavy Attack Efficiency and +100% Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed on all melee weapons.

Wrathful Advance
(TAP) Kullervo charges a Heavy Attack then teleports to his target and strikes. His rage-filled focus temporarily increases his Melee Critical Chance.
(HOLD) Teleport to any marked location.

Wrathful Advance is Kullervo’s Helminth ability with diminished Range and Melee Critical Chance increase. 

Kullervo surrounds himself with daggers. Each dagger that strikes an enemy restores his health, but each dagger that misses an enemy strikes Kullervo, dealing a bit of damage. When Kullervo has max Health, he receives Overguard* from struck enemies.

*Overguard is a defense mechanic that was made available to Warframes with The Duviri Paradox. While active, it grants additional Health protection and provides Knockdown Immunity. 

Collective Curse
Kullervo sends forth a curse that binds enemies. When a cursed enemy takes damage, every other cursed enemy also suffers a portion of that damage.

Storm of Ukko
The Void answers Kullervo’s invocation with a storm of daggers that rain down upon his enemies.

Storm of Ukko is Kullervo’s Railjack ability. 

Purchase Kullervo from the in-game Market for instant access or earn it by fighting him in Kullervo’s Hold to earn Kullervo’s Bane to spend at Acrithis’ Wares. 

Kullervo’s signature weapon boasts melee synergy. Engage enemies in close combat to boost your initial melee combo and deliver a devastating takedown.

Purchase the Rauta from the in-game Market for instant access or earn it by fighting Kullervo in Kullervo’s Hold to earn Kullervo’s Bane to spend at Acrithis’ Wares. 

Don the haze of fury.

The Void makes its mark on Kullervo’s signature Syandana.

Command the wrath of Kullervo. His collection includes the Kullervo Warframe, Kullervo Usvah Helmet, Ahlto Syandana, and Rauta Shotgun.

New Undercroft Tile 
We have added a new tile to the Undercroft for you to battle and traverse. Keen Tenno will notice an academic atmosphere as they fight the hordes of Dominus Thrax’s minions. This tile will be available in both the Circuit and while traversing the Undercroft as a main Spiral Stage and side objective (read the “New Side Objectives” section to learn more!).

Captain Vor Arrives In The Undercroft
To those Tenno traversing the Undercroft, there is a chance you happen across one of the Tenno’s oldest foes. Captain Vor is guaranteed to spawn in all instances of Exterminate missions in the Undercroft.

His health increases for each additional member in the squad. He must be defeated to successfully complete the Undercroft mission.

On defeat, Captain Vor will drop Rune Marrow and has a chance to drop the Vor Sigil.

Undercroft Exterminate Mission Change: 

  • Slightly reduced the number of enemies required to exterminate (scales with number of players in squad).

Undercroft Defense Mission Changes

  • Reduced waves from 5 to 3.
    • In an effort to decrease the length of Defense missions in the Undercroft, we’ve opted to reduce the number of waves to complete.
  • Increased enemy spawns and added Eximus units to defeat at the end of the mission.
    • With the wave reduction, we want to maintain a level of challenge throughout the mission by ending it with a bang. 
  • The Defense Target will now regenerate its Shields to full in between waves.
    • In light of the increase in enemy spawns and the addition of Eximus units, we wanted to ensure the target wasn’t in any immediate danger of being destroyed right on wave reset. 

Undercroft Survival Mission Changes

  • Slightly reduced drop rate of Life Support capsules from enemies.
    • Since Undercroft Survival does not last longer than 5 minutes, it does not need to use the same rules that let players stay indefinitely in an endless Origin System’s Survival mission. As long as players are killing enemies and activating Life Support towers when needed, this shouldn’t cause any problems!

Power up your Arsenal with these new Arcanes! Earn them in The Steel Path Circuit, side objective Undercroft Portals in The Steel Path Duviri Experience, and from Acrithis’ Wares (with the Rank 9 “High Value Vendor” Opportunity Drifter Intrinsic).

*Stats shown at max rank

Arcane Power Ramp (Warframe) 
On Ability Cast: Next Ability cast gains +9% Ability Strength, stacking up to 4x. Resets when the same ability is recast consecutively.

Primary Blight (Primary)
On Toxin Status Effect: +3.6% Critical Damage and +1.8% Multishot for 12s. Stacks up to 40x

Akimbo Slip Shot (Dual Pistol Secondary)
While sliding or aim gliding: Gain 65% ammo efficiency with Dual Pistols.

Secondary Outburst (Secondary) 
On swapping to Secondary Weapon, consume all Combo Multipliers to increase Secondary Weapon Critical Damage by 12% per Combo consumed for 15s.

There are now more ways to interact with The Duviri Experience with 4 new side objectives: Undercroft Portals, Kaithe Races, Recovering the Paragrimm’s Tomes, and finding Lost Belongings.


Side Objective Undercroft Portals 

During your time in Duviri, you have ventured into many Undercroft portals as part of the Spiral stages. Now, you can enter the Undercroft as a Side Objective in The Duviri Experience!

Outside of the portals that spawn for Spiral stages, there will always be a total of 3 side objective portals available in Duviri. They spawn at different locations each visit! Approaching these portals will mark them on your map while you are in relative proximity to them so that you can return if you are unable to conquer them immediately.


Requirement to enter: You must acquire 7 Decrees before entering The Undercroft! The reason being so that you are fully prepared for the challenges that await on the other side of the portal. These side objective portals are disabled when a main Spiral stage requires you enter a designated portal. Note that the Rank 3 Opportunity Intrinsic “Lucky Opener” which grants a free Decree upon entering Duviri does not count towards the 7 Decrees needed to enter.

Enemies in these side objective Undercroft portals are much more challenging than your average Spiral stage portal.

In addition to the following level modifiers, these portals are also Eximus Strongholds, meaning you can expect more Eximus units to spawn for an added layer of difficulty.

  • Default: +25 level modifier
  • Steel Path: +75 level modifier (with the usual Health, Armor, and Shields modifiers)

Once you have completed the Undercroft mission, the portal then becomes deactivated – similar to other side objectives once completed.

Completion of a side objective Undercroft Portal rewards the following:

  • Default: A Rare Decree, Drifter Intrinsics, and one of the following Arcanes:
    • Arcane Ice
    • Arcane Nullifier
    • Arcane Deflection
    • Arcane Healing
    • Arcane Resistance
    • Arcane Agility
    • Arcane Eruption
    • Arcane Phantasm
    • Arcane Pulse
    • Arcane Ultimatum
    • Arcane Trickery
    • Arcane Consequence
    • Arcane Acrachne
  • Steel Path: A Rare Decree, Drifter Intrinsics, and one the following Arcanes:
    • Secondary Shiver
    • Longbow Sharpshot
    • Arcane Reaper
    • Arcane Intention
    • Primary Exhilarate
    • Shotgun Vendetta
    • Primary Obstruct
    • Magus Aggress
    • Primary Blight (NEW)
    • Arcane Power Ramp (NEW)
    • Akimbo Slip Shot (NEW)
    • Secondary Outburst (NEW)


Kaithe Racing Returns
Put your riding skills to the test! Mount your Kaithe then race across the terrain and through the sky to clear gates in record time. Kaithe Races can appear as a Spiral stage and side objective in The Duviri Experience.

How to Kaithe Race: 
Start the race by entering the first gate, once crossed the timer countdown begins! Clear all of the required gates to complete the race. Each successful gate crossed adds 3 seconds to the time to complete the race. Shooting the targets also grants 3 seconds of additional time. There is no penalty for skipping gates, but you do miss out on gaining those extra seconds!


Side Objective Kaithe Races: 
Can you beat Brimon, the fastest Kaithe racer in the Kingdom? Locate him in the Duviri Landscape to accept the challenge! There are a total of 2 side objective races per session that can be completed while playing in a squad (solo has no limit).


Kaithe Racing Rewards: 
Successfully completing a Kaithe race rewards Drifter Intrinsics, a Decree and Duviri resources. The more players from the squad join into the race and complete it, the better the rewards are for the whole team!


Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes 
Take to the skies for a bird’s eye view of the area! Look through the eyes of a Paragrimm to find Tomes and mark them for collection. Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes is available only in The Duviri Experience as a side objective.

Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes Rewards:
Finding all of the required targets will reward Duviri resources, Drifter Intrinsics, and a Decree.
Lost Belongings
Duviri’s citizens have a knack for misplacing their belongings, and it should come as no surprise that some of these items have ended up in Duviri’s caves. Scour the caves of Duviri’s underbelly for Lost Belongings while keeping an eye out for Liminus who are keen on keeping these items to themselves Lost Belongings can appear as a main Spiral stage and as a side objective in The Duviri Experience.

Lost Belongings Rewards:
Collecting all of the Lost Belongings will reward Duviri resources, Drifter Intrinsics, and a Decree!


New Decrees have been added to the randomized pool of options upon completing Spiral stages and side objectives!

Dominus Thrax has also gotten wise to the Drifter’s ways and has introduced 5 Spiteful Decrees that require a sacrifice to gain the listed benefits.


Discover new Decree combinations to take your Drifter and Warframe loadouts to the next level.

Values marked with an asterisk* can be stacked and are shown at max. 

Blazing Bombardment
Every fifth shot that hits its target launches a homing fireball at a nearby enemy, dealing 240%* Heat Damage.

Nimble Gunner
Rolling grants 75%* Ammo Efficiency for 4 seconds.

Tamm’s Fortune
Finisher attacks grant +500 Armor for 10 seconds. Armor boost triples for Warframes.

Brimon’s Nerve    
Finishers grant +200% Ability Strength to your next Power Strike or Warframe Ability.

Wyrmling’s Aid
Shots deal an extra hit with 200%* Corrosive Damage.

Corrosive Grit
Each stack of Corrosion grants 180* Armor, up to 5x, for 12 seconds.

Molten Mettle
On Finishers, deal 60%* of enemy’s maximum Health as a Heat Damage 10m around the target.

Salted Wound    
Heavy Attacks deal an extra hit with +180%* Corrosive Damage.

Fortified Will
Every 50 Armor grants 15%* Ability Strength and Power Strike damage.

Scornful Cast    
Casting an Ability deals 250* Corrosive Damage to nearby enemies and applies 10* Corrosion stacks. Damage radius doubles for Warframes.

Dominus Temper (Spiteful Decree)
Sacrifice -50% Maximum Health to increase damage by +10% for every 100 Health remaining.

Mercurial Bent (Spiteful Decree)
-50% Status Duration, +200% Status Chance

Fragile Vanity (Spiteful Decree)
Sacrifice -50% Armor to increase the base damage of your shots by 1 for every 20 Armor remaining.

Churlish Chatter (Spiteful Decree)
Sacrifice weapon accuracy for +150% Multishot.

King’s Collateral (Spiteful Decree)
Take 50% more damage for a 200% chance to receive Rare Decrees.

General Decree Changes and Fixes: 

  • Drifter Melee Power Strikes and Warframe Melee Ground Slams now benefit from damage buffs from Decrees.
  • Fixed cases where an “On damage” Decree would cancel out the ability to trigger another “On damage” Decree if both were triggered in the same instance.
    • For example: Critical Frost grants an extra instance of Cold Damage when you score a critical hit, and Bombastines Malice delivers area of effect Toxin Damage on a headshot. If both were active and you got a critical headshot on an enemy while Critical Frost was triggered, Bombastine’s Malice wouldn’t have a chance to inflict area of effect Toxin Damage. 
  • Fixed the Decree selection UI always showing the default controller binding regardless of the current assignment.
  • Fixed the “Reroll Decree” button appearing before the Decrees appear on screen.
    • It will now appear slightly after the Decrees appear to avoid accidentally clicking it before the selections are visible. 
  • Fixed hearing the “Decree earned” SFX when mounting Kaithe with unselected Decrees.
  • Fixed the “Proficient Fighter” Decree’s (Drifter Ability cooldown reduced by 45%*. Warframes gain +45%* Ability Efficiency.) cooldown reduction being doubled for the first two stacks.
  • Fixed being unable to reload or fire the Hema with the Rolling Reload Decree selected.

You can now collect Duviri plant resources right from the comforts of Teshin’s Cave with the new SPROUT (Self-Perpetuating Regular Operation for Utilizing Terrain) system.

Grow and Cultivate in Teshin’s Cave:
Every 20 hours, 6 random plants from Duviri will grow and mature for harvesting in Teshin’s Cave. Simply approach the planters located in the room between your Kaithe and the mirror to cultivate resources from these fully grown plants.


The growth timer resets once you collect the resources from Teshin’s Cave. Check back once the plants have matured again to harvest, rinse repeat! The resources harvested can immediately be used to purchase wares from Acrithis if you happen to come across her in the Duviri Landscape. For the launch of this update, the plants are already fully matured and waiting for you to collect them.

If you enter Teshin’s Cave with a squad, each individual squad member has access to their own plants and will see their growth progress.

Witness Growth in the Dormizone:
VERD-IE (Vegetation and Environment Regulation Drone – Independent Element) is tasked with taking care of your plants in the Dormizone while you are away conquering Duviri – what a pal! The Dormizone provides a look at how your plants are growing in Teshin’s Cave before committing to entering for harvest.


Acrithis has expanded her wares in a brand new category of goods called Enigma Archives. Spend your hard earned Enigma Gyrum (from completing Enigmas in Duviri) on brand new decorations taken directly from the Duviri landscape:

  • Duviri Fainting Couch
  • Duviri Theater Seat
  • Duviri Repast Table
  • Duviri Mortis Stela
  • Duviri Modesty Screen
  • Duviri Hand Spa
  • Duviri Senate Seat
  • Duviri Hay Bale
  • Duviri Footstool
  • Duviri Lectern
  • Duviri Clerical Desk
  • Duviri Calculum
  • Duviri Scales

Like the Watchful Paragrimm decoration, these wares will be available perpetually, without a rotating schedule. This way you can see what items are tradeable for Enigma Gyrum and save up accordingly.



New Resource: Ueymag Barb
Scour Duviri for the Ueymag plant to collect the new Ueymag Barb resource! Ueymag meat is said to be delicious. Just mind the barbs.

Ueymag Barb can also appear in the Normal and Steel Path Circuit reward paths.

The Vagabond
Rumors tell of a mysterious stranger appearing across Duviri. Nobody knows where they’ve come from, but supposedly they’ve been spotted near places of extreme emotion. However, the moment no one is looking, the stranger disappears. How… Strange…

Zariman Tablets
Tablets from the Zariman have begun appearing around Duviri. These testing tablets contain a single question and await the correct answer. You have the answers, don’t you Tenno?

Somachord Tones
Duviri has plenty of unique music, and the addition of Somachord Tones means that music can now be available in the Orbiter! Find them hidden across Duviri and pick them up to unlock the songs in your personal Somachord. It’s time to bring some Duviri flair back to the Origin System.

There are 10 new Somachord songs you can unlock by collecting their fragments in Duviri:

  • Below The Thunder
  • Unbound
  • Drifter’s Respite
  • Paragrimm Ascending
  • Perdition’s Coils
  • Shadows And Summonings
  • He Who Waits
  • Into Madness
  • Eyes That Burn
  • Duviri Paradox

The Somachord has also been added to your Dormizone! Play your newly found Duviri tunes in the comfort of your Zariman domain.


Note: Somachord Tone progress is saved after earning a Decree. If you find a Somachord Tone, make sure you earn another Decree before leaving Duviri, or you can extract safely using the Extraction Portal that opens after defeating the Orowyrm.


Go full throttle with Gauss Kresnik. His fiery collection includes the Gauss Kresnik Skin, Bolide Syandana, and Acceltra Caduceus Skin.

Gauss Kresnik Skin
Fire courses through Gauss Kresnik. Gain momentum with his thermal energy.

Bolide Syandana
Gauss Kresnik’s signature Syandana proves he can stand the heat.

Acceltra Caduceus Skin
Acceltra Caduceus turns up the heat of battle.
Each Kaithe Coronet in the Steed’s Resolve Pack reflects a Duviri Mood Spiral. Express your Kaithe’s moods just as Dominus Thrax expresses himself through Duviri’s ever-changing sky. The pack includes the following Coronets for your Kaithe:

  • Vexage Coronet – Forewarn that fury awaits anyone who challenges your Kaithe and its rider.
  • Dauntair Coronet – A skilled rider repurposes the Void’s mark for their Kaithe.
  • Myrthen Coronet – Joy blossoms in the Myrthen Coronet.
  • Enverve Coronet – The Enverve Coronet elegantly expresses a bitter emotion.
  • Wistfall Coronet – The Wistfall Coronet depicts melancholy’s beauty.

Give your Kaithe Gauss Kresnik’s singeing style. This collection includes the Aethon Chamfron, Saddle, and Tail.

A full pressure suit inspired by the origami crane. Fitted for the Drifter and the Operator. The collection includes the Orizu Suit, Hood, Pants, and Sleeve.

Give your Heavy Blade the look of Kullervo’s legendary sword.

Adorn yourself with the latest in TennoGen creations! Shine bright with the following items from some of our talented community artists.


TennoGen Bundle LXXII

  • Nikana Krtrima Skin by kakarrot812
  • Krtrima Chest Armor by kakarrot812
  • Krtrima Leg Armor by kakarrot812
  • Krtrima Shoulder Armor by kakarrot812


TennoGen Bundle LXXIII

  • Liset Herulyst Skin by LostEpoch
  • Nekros Ausirylyst Skin and Helmet by LostEpoch
  • Vikasa Aegis Chest Armor by blazingcobalt
  • Zhivira Shoulder Armor by blazingcobalt


As part of our ongoing efforts to convert Deluxe Operator Skins to make your Drifter look as dashing as ever, the Operator Harrier Collection and the Saita Prime Suit are now available for the Drifter!


*Raven Drifter is seen in the above image. 

Any player purchasing these Operator cosmetics in the future will automatically receive the matching Drifter variants as well. For those of you that already own these coveted collections, the Drifter versions will be available immediately in your inventory via an account update on log-in.


Complete the following conditions to earn an inbox message from Teshin with 25 Steel Essence, the Steel Path Duviri Emote, and the Steel Path Duviri Trophy.

  • Complete a mission stage in the Steel Path Circuit.
  • Complete a full Spiral in The Duviri Experience (ie. defeating the Orowyrm)
  • Complete a full Spiral in The Lone Story (ie. defeating the Orowyrm)

Zariman Steel Path Trophy Fix
The introduction of Duviri Steel Path Trophies also fixes the issue of players not earning Zariman Steel Path trophies after completing all nodes (as they were not registering as complete), because Duviri was being counted as part of the Zariman region upon launch. Players who have completed the Zariman nodes prior to this update will now also receive their Steel Path rewards upon login.

Incarnon Geneses Removal:
Cavalero can now remove Incarnon Geneses in the Chrysalith on the Zariman!

Select the “Evolve Incarnon Weapons” option and then the weapon you wish to remove the Incarnon Genesis from. The new “Remove Incarnon” option is available upon selecting an eligible Incarnon Weapon via the Evolution screen from Cavalero.


Removing an Incarnon Genesis will return it to your inventory, but you will not be refunded for the original resources used to install it. 

General Incarnon Geneses Changes & Fixes: 

  • Added “Owned” and “Installed” Icons to Incarnon Geneses you own / have installed in the Steel Path Circuit Rewards selection screen.
  • Soma (base and Prime) Incarnon Genesis Changes:
    • Soma Prime’s Incarnon Form fire now triggers the “Hata-Satya” Augment Mod’s Critical Chance buff.
      • Prior to this change, the Hata-Satya was part of the following list of Augment Mods that had no interaction with their weapon’s Incarnon Form – this is their current status: 
        • Kunai’s Stockpiled Blight: It is intended for the Mod not to interact as it specifies Magazine capacity and Kunai’s Incarnon Form uses charges to fire, not ammo. 
        • Latron’s Double Tap: We are investigating functionality and will share the outcome. 
    • Increased Status Chance and weighted total damage slightly more towards Slash Damage.
    •  “Fresh Havoc” Evolution IV perk 1:
      • Increased the damage from +4 to +6 on reload from empty.
      • Changed stacks from 3x to 2x.
    • “Elemental Balance” Evolution IV perk 2 has been replaced with “Fatal Aflection”:
      • +40% damage per Status affecting target.
    • “Zeroed In” Evolution IV perk 3:
    • Increased Critical Damage from +0.4x to +0.6x.
  • Melee Slam Damage Mods (such as Seismic Wave) now affect the Furax Incarnon Mode’s AOE Heat Damage on Heavy Slam attacks.
  • Updated the description for Furis’ “Stormburst” Evolution I perk to better explain how it is triggered:
    • Was: Increase Damage by +28 (Furis) / +34 (MK1). On Hit with Electricity: +40% multishot for 2s. Stacks up to 3x.
    • Now: Increase Damage by +28 (Furis) / +34 (MK1). On hitting enemies affected by Electricity Status: +40% multishot for 2s. Stacks up to 3x.
  • Changed Dread’s “Coup De Grace” Incarnon Evolution II perk name to “Stalker’s Resentment” and updated its description to better inform of its interaction with the other Stalker weapons.
    • Was: Increase Damage by +10. +10% Fire Rate, stacks up to 5x. Resets on missed shot.
      Now: Increase Damage by +50. With Hate and Despair Equipped: Hits increase damage by +10, stacks up to 5x. +10% Fire Rate, stacks up to 5x. Resets on missed shot.
  • Removed a redundant hit effect from the Paris’ Incarnon mode.
    • The projectile on the Paris’ Incarnon mode had an unnecessary passthrough effect that would still trigger every time it hit a target, which was not needed!
  • Fixed the explosions from Hate’s Incarnon Form causing players to be self-staggered or knocked down.
  • Fixed Furis’ Incarnon Form causing self-damage when shooting an enemy that is affected by Scourge’s Alt-Fire.
  • Fixed Sibear’s “ice field on Slam” in Incarnon Mode missing its VFX – making it seem as if it is not functional. This was purely a visual bug, the effects of the ice field still applied.
  • Fixed the Zylok’s Incarnon Form explosion not hitting enemies within range of the explosion if they were obstructed by another enemy.
  • Fixed low level enemies killed by headshots not filling the Incarnon Mode gauge for Primary and Secondary Incarnon weapons.
  • Fixed the Torid gaining Incarnon charges by shooting at dead enemies.
  • Fixed headshots from the Dual Toxocyst counting as body shots due to its high Status – making it extremely difficult to complete the Evolution IV challenge (“Get 17 consecutive headshots”) as Status Effects would often reset it.
  • Fixed Melee Incarnon weapons (original and Genesis) missing their Incarnon Form stats in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed the Innodem not transforming into Incarnon Mode when performing a Heavy Attack with the required 5x Melee combo count (also affected the Evolution IV “Incarnon Imago” perk).
  • Fixed Nami Solo’s “Master’s Flourish”  Incarnon Evolution II perk constantly regenerating Health instead of “On Finisher” as intended.
  • Fixed Bronco Prime’s Incarnon Form “Max Charges” showing 40 instead of the intended 20.
    • It was always 20 in mission, this was just a description error in the Arsenal stats!
  • Fixed the Evolution IV description of the Prisma Skana’s Incarnon Genesis stating 30% Status Chance increase instead of the intended 20%.
    • It was always 20% in mission, this was just a description error in the Arsenal stats!
  • Fixed the resource requirements to install Incarnon Geneses at Cavalero only showing the exact amount required instead of including the total amount owned.
  • Fixed Atomos’ Incarnon Form missing its projectile VFX.
  • Fixed switching to Incarnon Mode with the Strun Wraith causing ammo to stick to the player and follow them around.
  • Fixed weapons with Incarnon Geneses installed not showing up in the Arsenal search function for “Incarnon”.

The Duviri Paradox Quest has been adjusted to address some of the most common player feedback points and improve the overall Quest flow based off our own findings from said feedback:

  • Reduced the individual stages of each Spiral from 6 to 3 objectives.
  • Shuffled the objectives in the Spiral stages to help with overall quest flow. The Quest stages are now as follows:
    • ANGER
      • Defeat the Dax
      • Open Chest and defeat its Guardian
      • Undercroft Exterminate
    • JOY
      • Conquer the Maze
      • Purge the darkened areas of Liminus
      • Undercroft Survival
    • ENVY
      • Reconnect the Power Lines
      • Defeat the high ground Dax
      • Undercroft Defense
  • Reduced the amount of repeated actions needed to complete the Drifter Combat tutorial.

General Quest Changes: 

  • Updated the SFX of the first dialogue line during The Covetous Courtier stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Small animation polish for the opening cutscene of The Duviri Paradox Quest.

Quest Fixes:

  • Fixed Shawzin and Maw Feeding locations being highlighted despite being unavailable during the Quest.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when parrying the Dax Gladius during the Drifter Combat tutorial (Defeat the Dax).
  • Fixed the Drifter not removing their hood when sitting down for a meal of protein cubes during the Zariman section of the Quest.
    • And here we thought the Drifter had basic table manners…
  • Fixed rare issue where players would be unable to progress past the first stage in The Duviri Paradox Quest if they did not pick up the Sirocco before heading towards the bridge.
    • This was causing the Kaithe not to spawn to traverse the bridge to continue onto the next stages. 
  • Fixed a rogue Guiding Hand wisp and objective marker appearing in the sky in The Duviri Paradox Quest after the bridge crumbles in the first stage.
  • Fixed the last enemy killed in the “Prove your command of Warframe Abilities” stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest vanishing immediately on death.
  • Fixed choosing “Stay” after completing The Duviri Paradox Quest causing all of the Warframe offerings in Teshin’s Cave to appear as Excalibur. Also fixes being unable to select a Warframe at all.
  • Fixed being unable to swap weapons in The Duviri Paradox Quest after exiting an Undercroft stage.
  • Fixed getting flung forward after dismounting Kaithe when approaching Bombastine in the first stage of the Duviri Paradox Quest.
    • Also fixed Kaithe ending up underground afterwards.
  • Fixed enemy spawns being too low to complete the Undercroft Exterminate mission during the “The Prince of Fire” stage in The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed the Undercroft Survival mission objective UI lingering on the screen after failing it in The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed the wrong controller button callout for how to dodge in The Duviri Paradox Quest.



Overguard as a Warframe defense mechanism was introduced in Drifter Intrinsics and Decrees with The Duviri Paradox update – it grants additional Health protection and provides Knockdown Immunity while active.

Overguard has virtually the same function (Health buffs and immunities*) as the listed abilities and Augment Mods, so in an effort to expose the mechanic more and establish familiarity with Overguard as a whole (as it also appears on enemies) we have made it the visual indicator for them.

  • Rhino’s Iron Skin 
  • Atlas’ Rumbled Augment Mod 
  • Frost’s Icy Avalanche Augment Mod 

*The base defensive properties of these abilities and Augment Mods have not changed! 

This change also has the added benefit of allowing “On Damaged” Mods and Arcanes to apply to all of the above! Prior to this change, the aforementioned abilities would make the player “invulnerable” until the added survivability was depleted. Now, Mods and Arcanes like Adaptation and Arcane Avenger can now be triggered when damage is taken to Overguard, because it is treated similarly to Health and Shields.

The HUD Overguard element has also had slight upgrades for the purposes of registering for these abilities and Augment Mods:

*GIF above shows Iron Skin cast.

We’ve made a number of changes to how the Auto Install function works when Modding Warframes and weapons! Don’t expect this button to replace the need for careful Modding in high level content, but it should result in more consistently useful builds offering positive stats, especially for newer players.

Part of this process includes the following changes:

  • Overhauled which stats are prioritized on which weapon types.
    • Mods with universal benefits (like increased damage and multishot) are equipped first, while attempting to equip mods that benefit the weapon type (like critical and status increases) if the base stats are high enough.
  • Made Auto Install consider equipping unveiled Riven Mods depending on their stats.
  • Made Warframe Aura selection use its own prioritization system when choosing what to install.

Other Auto Install Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Auto Install tried to equip veiled Riven mods if there was space.
  • Fixed Auto Install prioritizing “conditional” mods that only triggered under special circumstances.


  • ade systemic micro-optimizations to memory usage.
  • Made micro-optimizations to rendering for all platforms.
  • Optimized base game code.
  • Optimized code related to textures.
  • Optimized code related to graphics systems.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to FX code.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to code related to rendering.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to animation memory.
  • Optimized animation code.
  • Optimized Umbra during cutscenes in The Sacrifice Quest.
  • Made a micro-optimization when loading into large levels that have foliage in them.
  • Made micro-optimizations to the game on start-up.
  • Optimized the VFX on the following weapons by reducing the particle count on the projectiles when using significant multishot.
    • Paracyst
    • Cernos Prime
    • Drakgoon
    • Kuva Bramma
    • Kuva Chakkurr
    • Mutalist Cernos
    • Miter
    • Nagantaka Prime
  • Optimized the water droplets in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed significant performance issues when attempting to collect ammo while having a Companion Specter and a regular Warframe Specter active at the same time.


  • Starting today with the release of Kullervo in this Update, each new Warframe we release from this point on will increase the number of purchasable loadout slots by 1.
    • With Kullervo, we’ve updated the number from 20 to 21.
  • Teshin’s Cave offerings can now be previewed in the Star Chart before entering Duviri with the Rank 4 “Warframe Abundance” Opportunity Drifter Intrinsic unlocked.
    • The display will also show the amount of Forma installed on the active offerings. 
  • Added ability to fully customize Drifter controls in the settings. Select the Customize Key Bindings option under the Controller section.and navigate over to the Drifter tab.
  • Added a “Complete” icon to the mini and detailed maps in Duviri after completing main and side objectives.
  • Added “The Steel Path” option to the Simulacrum enemy settings. When enabled, enemies will have an additional +250% Health, Armor, and Shields.
  • Added a skip button to the Circuit reward flourish after unlocking tiers and returning to the reward path screen.
    • To address players getting “stuck” watching the reward flourish for a long time if they had unlocked a bunch of tiers. 
  • Hovering the reticle over the Drifter Melee weapons in Teshin’s Cave will now trigger a pop-up that provides its description.
    • To help inform players before they commit to purchasing it.
  • Added stat buffs from Helminth Invigorations and Archon Shards to the “Configure” screen in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Added location details to resource descriptions to help players find them.
  • Added talking animations to Acrithis’ transmissions.
  • Added VFX after successfully herding Tamms.
  • Added cowering animations to another Duviri resident that was missing them – Orowyrms must be feared!
  • Added clouds and a bright blue sky to the Conclave room in all Relays.


  • Changed the requirements to expose Arcane Slots on Primary and Secondary weapons: Owning a Primary/Secondary Arcane Adapter OR having access to The Steel Path will grant access to the slot.
    • Prior to this change, unlocking the Steel Path was the only way to expose the Arcane Adapter slot on Primaries and Secondaries. Seeing as Arcanes and Arcane Adapters are available to obtain from Acrithis’ Wares, we changed the conditions so players who purchase an Arcane Adapter from Acrithis will have access to the Arcane slot immediately. 
  • Made several readability improvements to the Hidden Chest objective in Duviri:
    • Updated the objective and context action’s text to give it a unique flavor when encountered as a side objective.
    • Hidden Chests that are part of a main Spiral stage are now called “Hidden Royal Chests” and have a unique Glyph to make them easier to identify from side objective chests.
    • Fixed Hidden Chests sometimes missing or not updating their “locked” appearance after being unlocked.
  • Updated the look of the Void Mirror side objective in the Duviri Landscape. Now players can identify this objective via the Mirror frame that spawns, and inspect it to start.
  • Dax Eximus and Heavy units can now be Mercy killed in the Undercroft!
  • Dax enemies can now be affected by multiple stacks of Status Effects!
  • Dax Gladius can now be knocked out of their blocking stance a little quicker now!
    • They were previously immune from being knocked out for 3 seconds at the start of blocking. That has been reduced by half!
  • The confirm button to Refine a Void Relic is now defaulted to update immediately to Radiant without having to select it from the rank grid.
  • Made the following changes to the Shawzin controller bindings:
    • The top face button can now be used to bind “SONGS” and select the difficulty in Duviri.
      • This fixes being unable to play certain chords since “SONGS” was changed to the right trigger in The Duviri Paradox update. 
    • Added new “Alt” Sky, Earth, and Water Fret bindings and made them defaults for the left/right bumpers and right trigger.
      • This fixes being unable to hit notes that require multiple Fret inputs due to them all being assigned to the D-Pad in The Duviri Paradox update. 
      • These “Alt” bindings will only appear in the Shawzin UI if you attempt to use them, the default Fret bindings will take priority otherwise. 
    • Added new “Chord” binding and made it the default for the top D-Pad button.
      • This allows you to be able to play chords that require both the Sky and Water Frets. 
  • Thrax enemies now fill Last Gasp’s meter at the same rate as Eximus Units.
  • Items that are sold for premium currency in the in-game Market will now display the item or pack details in-game before exiting to the respective store page for purchase.
    • This is part of our on-going changes to unify all platforms in light of Cross Platform Play. 
  • Updated all of the Drifter Melee weapons to better explain their functions (bold indicates edits):
    • Azothane: “Azothane calls the visionary warrior to turn the tides of battle. Power Strike plunges Azothane into the ground to send forth five celestial blades that apply Cold Status and then explode.
    • Sampotes: “A warrior who prefers brute force will make the most of Sampotes. Power Strike slams Sampotes into the ground to damage enemies with a shockwave that inflicts Heat Status.”
    • Syam: “Syam is at home in the hands of a focused warrior. Power Strike lifts enemies into the air and unleashes a flurry of deadly slashes.”
    • Edun: “Edun befits dexterous warriors. Power Strike knocks down and blinds enemies by surrounding them with a cloud of dust.”
    • Sun & Moon: “Teshin’s twin blades. Power Strike sends forth two arcs of energy that inflict Electricity Status.”
  • The Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability will now track Shrine Pieces in the “Assemble the Shrine” objective in Duviri to make them easier to find.
  • You can now move your Kaithe in the Duviri loading screen.
  • Made the following changes to Teshin’s Cave weapon randomization logic:
    • Decreased the chances of an owned and Mastered weapon appearing in Teshin’s Cave back to back if you own less than 10 weapons in that category (Primary, Secondary, and Melee).
      • For example, if you own less than 10 Primaries total, the odds of the same owned and Mastered Primary weapon appearing in the Cave has been decreased. Teshin’s Cave offers the opportunity to experiment with your Arsenal, this change maintains that goal and prioritizes variety. 
    • Lowered the odds of weapons that you’ve already Mastered and sold appearing in the Cave.
      • If a player has Mastered a weapon and sold it, it is likely they are less eager for it to appear in Teshin’s Cave. So the odds of those weapons appearing has been decreased to increase the player’s access to unowned and unmastered weapons.
    • If you own multiples of a Warframe or Weapon (e.g. two Khoras), the one with the most Forma installed will appear in Teshin’s Cave.
    • Weapons with numerous variants will now properly cycle through those options.
      • Prior to this change, only one variant would ever appear in Teshin’s Cave even if you owned others. For example, if you had both the Prisma Machete and the Machete Wraith, it would only ever choose the Prisma Machete. Now, it will properly cycle through the variant options. 
    • Variants of owned weapons with Incarnon Geneses installed now take priority over all other variants.
      • For example, an MK-1 Braton with an Incarnon Genesis install will take priority over a base Braton Prime. If the Braton Prime does in fact have an Incarnon Genesis installed, it would then take priority. 
  • Increased the amount of Credits awarded from the later stages (11+) of the Steel Path Circuit from 1,500 to 50,000.
  • The HUD “arrows” used to indicate enemy direction while fighting as Drifter in Duviri are now hidden when in a downed state.
  • Added new VFX to inform when a Somachord Tone, Frame Fighter Fragment, or Codex Fragment has already been scanned.
  • Made the following changes to the Paragrimm Enigma located on the Archarbor Island in Duviri:
    • Added a visual indicator to when a glyph is correct on the wall (as long as it is not covered).
    • Removed one of the discs to allow the memory device to play an integral part in the Enigma’s completion.
  • Reduced Maw Feeding difficulty by increasing the time allotted to hunt.
  • Improved the detection logic of enemy Security Cameras and its VFX to properly communicate its vertical FOV.
    • Their vertical FOV has been greatly reduced and the view angle has been tilted downwards slightly to help alleviate the issue of detecting far beyond what their visible range would indicate. 
  • Made slight changes to Caliban’s default colors – you shouldn’t see much of a change but you may want to revisit your current Caliban fashion to set it to your liking!
  • Updated the pop-up message for The New War Quest requirements to “You Must obtain an Operator Amp to begin this Quest”.
  • Updated the Duviri Conservation sounds:
    • Increased the volume of the Kubrie steps.
    • Kubrie howls now better match the animation.
    • Added SFX when destroying the orbs.
    • Added more petting sounds!
  • Changed the descriptions for all of Acrithis’ Decoration offerings to match the normal naming conventions for Decorations instead of Dojo.
  • Updated the naming convention and descriptions for all of the Duviri planters.
  • Updated the animations of some Duviri residents as they interact with Kaithes.
  • Improved the positioning of the Fulmin’s primary projectile fire VFX.
  • Improved the VFX of the Liminus darkened area fog in Duviri.
  • Improved the animation timing of Relay NPCs when they are finished talking.
  • Made some minor audio tweaks in the Break Narmer missions.
  • Made some minor audio tweaks to Void Armageddon missions in the Zariman.


  • Fixed Rune Marrow not being affected by Resource Boosters.
  • Fixed Clients losing objective UI and being stuck in the previous Undercroft stage after Host migration.
  • Fixed tapping Aim while in the middle of a melee swing causing your weapon to get stuck in “Aim mode” until you tap it again.
  • Fixed another case of Clients losing their Kaithes in The Steel Path Orowyrm fight after a Host migration.
  • Fixed being able to dismount from Kaithe and consequently losing the ability to respawn it during the Wyrmling ring chase phase in The Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
    • Kaithe dismounting during this phase is now disabled to prevent further issues. 
  • Fixed being unable to swap to Secondary weapon after not mounting Kaithe when they spawn in The Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow not benefiting from Decrees.
  • Fixed Client getting stuck as Drifter for the remainder of an Undercroft mission if they lose connection and attempt to rejoin.
  • Fixed Focus abilities not working in the Undercroft until after using Transference or being revived (notably Vazarin’s Mending Soul and Enduring Tides).
  • Fixed Vazarin’s Guardian Shell persisting after leaving Undercroft.
  • Fixed Clients losing their Vitoplast orb container and eventually losing the ability to shoot/jump/revive/etc. after Host migration in Circuit Void Flood missions.
  • Fixed the Vitoplast orb container not disappearing for Clients after exiting Void Flood Undercroft missions in Duviri.
  • Fixed Maw Feeding while the “Herd the Tamms” objective is active causing the Tamms to disappear and making it impossible to complete.
  • Fixed simultaneous Tamm herding objectives causing players to lose function.
    • To prevent this issue from recurring, there can now only be one instance of Tamm herding occuring at a time. 
  • Fixed recently herded Tamms disappearing upon completing the objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed being unable to reload guns after melee attacking while using a controller.
  • Fixed players losing objective UI in Duviri after triggering another nearby side objective.
  • Fixed Clients losing objective text and enemy spawns halting after Host migration in Circuit Defense missions.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the Steel Path Circuit reward screen when attempting to join a player who invited them to a Steel Path Circuit mission (due to not having the Steel Path unlocked).
  • Fixed accepting an invitation to the Steel Path Circuit opening the Normal reward path screen instead of The Steel Path one.
  • Fixed the Steel Path Circuit reward path screen appearing before the pop-up informing that you are not eligible after accepting an invite to a Steel Path Circuit mission while not having the Steel Path unlocked.
  • Fixed new Host not being teleported to next stage in Circuit after Host migration.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck in the Undercroft after Host triggers migration by immediately completing the mission.
  • Fixed rare case where players could get booted back to the Undercroft lobby after dying.
  • Fixed Undercroft missions as a main Spiral stage automatically completing after Host migration occurs while a Client is waiting in the lobby while others are still in the landscape.
  • Fixed rare issue where Clients could lose their HUD after entering Duviri from Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Drifter Melee weapon selection in Teshin’s Cave not saving for Clients after Host migration.
  • Fixed Host having a randomized loadout upon rejoining the previously left Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed the Orowyrm’s Health UI for its rings not updating as it is being damaged for Clients.
  • Fixed several issues with the offering rotation timing in Acrithis’ Shop:
    • Fixed the Rare Decree offering not be available for purchase most of the time. It will now appear more regularly.
    • Fixed Origin System Resources and Ship Decorations (with the exception of the Watchful Paragrimm) appearing for shorter durations than intended.
    • Fixed the aforementioned items showing less than 5 items at all times. It is intended for each category to have 5 rotation options available at all times.
  • Fixed being unable to cleanse Conservation animals in Duviri if “Melee with Fire Input” is enabled.
  • Fixed swapping between Companion types (ie. Sentinel to Kubrow) and attempting to purchase an Appearance Config Slot for their Companion resulting in the player being charged the Platinum cost but not  receiving the Slot.
    • The team is reviewing a script or support path for those affected by this issue!
  • Fixed enemies not spawning after Host migration occurs while Clients are in the Undercroft lobby.
  • Fixed loss of function after Host migration in Duviri.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to grapple to Orowyrm with Orvius more than once in a row due to randomly switching to Drifter Melee in the process.
  • Fixed being unable to throw the Orvius on foot if another player grabs it at the same moment you are performing a quick shot with the Sirocco.
  • Fixed Client being revived automatically if downed while Host is dead in Duviri.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck in the Duviri loading screen after Host forces extraction while they are riding Kaithe in an open landscape.
  • Fixed the Cinta having an unintended alt-fire attack.
    • The “alt-fire” in question (deploy mines and launch the player backwards) was only ever intended and designed for the Dax Arcus enemy. In classic mainline fashion, it slipped by onto the player-owned version accidentally and for that reason had numerous issues (animation weirdness and low damage). 
  • Fixed Clients being stuck in the previous Undercroft stage and UI after Host migration.
  • Fixed Clients respawning with a weapon other than the intended Sirocco after being downed on Kaithe in the second phase of the Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed dying immediately after joining an in-progress Orowyrm fight and opening the chest.
  • Fixed cases where the camera would aggressively shake while latched to the Orowyrm in the first stage of the fight (especially after opening the pause menu).
  • Fixed being able to use Transference (to Origin System Drifter/Operator) during the Kaithe phase of The Steel Path Orowyrm fight after Host migration.
  • Also fixed being able to use Last Gasp during this stage if downed.
  • Fixed Orowrym fight coming to a halt after killing Wyrmlings right as they spawn.
  • Fixed Host migration towards the end of the Kaithe phase in the Steel Path Orowyrm fight causing the Wyrmlings to respawn.
  • Fixed the fish not glowing while Maw Feeding if playing in a Squad.
  • Fixed players’ minimap icon being displayed off the map while Maw Feeding, making it difficult to teleport to them.
  • Fixed players in the Duviri landscape seeing other players’ names while they are still in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Nidus missing his Mutation Stack UI after replacing his Virulence at Helminth.
  • Fixed FOV randomly changing to the minimum while flying on Kaithe in Duviri.
  • Fixed custom “Ability Menu” button bindings on controller reverting to default after relaunching the game.
  • Fixed Decree Fragments in The Circuit respawning (after they had all been collected) after Host Migration.
  • Fixed projectiles shot from Dax enemies in Duviri applying Status Effects to the player even if they had successfully parried it.
  • Fixed Hildryn’s Aegis Storm CC bypassing the Dax Malleus’ Overguard.
  • Fixed Clients playing Grendel being able to bypass the Dax Malleus’ Overguard using Feast.
  • Fixed being unable to bind the controls for the “Spectate Next/Previous Player” option.
  • Fixed controller sensitive sometimes going very high out of nowhere.
  • Fixed rare case where rewards and resources would not save to player account after completing a Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos mission while a hotfix is being launched.
  • Fixed case where a round reward would get skipped after the first round completed in Interception missions.
  • Fixed the Drifter becoming unarmed when switching Appearance Configs at the mirror in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed Kaithe not automatically gliding by default (when no directional input is active) like it does in Duviri when spawned into other Open Landscapes.
  • Fixed enemies in The Circuit dropping Resources, Heavy Ammo, Credits and Mods if a Warframe with a looting ability is present.
  • Fixed soft-lock occuring after unlocking a Drifter Rank and selecting another category.
  • Fixed soft-lock occurring when opening Darvo’s shop in the Relays.
  • Fixed Railjack Crew Members not respawning between missions.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck in loading screen after Host abandons Railjack mission.
  • Fixed Cephalon Cy’s progress bar darkening during the “Maintain the Reactor Within Cy’s Thresholds” stage of Railjack Volatile missions.
  • Fixed being able to join expired Arbitration missions.
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra’s (independent AI version) weapon ammo getting instantly refilled to full from a singular ammo enemy drop.
  • Fixed Warframe suddenly moving in slow motion when using Drifter Melee weapons.
  • Fixes towards Visage Ink settings not saving across Clothing configs.
  • Fixed another case of being unable to make purchases from Acrithis’ wares in Duviri using resources gained from the active session.
  • Fixed the Shawzin UI in The Duviri Experience displaying the icons of the last Status Effect inflicted onto Drifter instead of the correct button callout.
  • Fixed being able to send gifts to new players who are playing The Duviri Paradox Quest.
    • The goal is to maintain quest immersion as best as possible and avoid overwhelming new players with too much unrelated activity. Additionally, we want to avoid players receiving items they are unable to interact with until after they complete the quest and move into the Origin System. 
  • Fixed being able accept invites to join The Circuit missions before you’ve completed The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed the Dormizone node in the Star Chart not being visible while The Angels of the Zariman Quest is active.
  • Fixed new players receiving the Razorback Armada inbox message after they’ve completed The Duviri Paradox Quest but before The Awakening Quest – they will now be sent after they’ve completed the latter when on the Paradox Path.
  • Fixed spawning back into the Dormizone during The Duviri Quest facing the elevator doors.
  • Fixed Clients being able to get stuck as a Warframe in the Duviri Landscape after a Host migration.
  • Fixed active “Defend Prisoner” side objectives causing issues for the new Host that joins the squad after Host migration.
  • Fixed the Lone Guardian in Conjunction Survival missions not being activated by the player if they are in a Necramech.
  • Fixed the Duviri Spiral timer being stuck at 1 hour 59 minutes if you return to your Orbiter after completing a mission while playing Solo.
  • Fixed the ammo pickup SFX playing repeatedly due to an interaction between Vacuum and Soma’s alt-fire.
  • Fixed Archwing movement being erratic when piloted by Gauss.
  • Fixed Thrax Centurions’ normal attacks dealing no damage.
  • Fixed specific accounts being unable to access the Focus School they picked at the end of The Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed Clients getting booted back to Orbiter with a mission failure screen after Host leaves and forces migration right at the start of the Wyrmling phase in the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed new players on the Paradox Path getting a “Purchase Failed” error when attempting to purchase items from the Dormizone Arsenal mirror.
  • Fixed UI swinging wildly around if the “Enable HUD Motion” setting is enabled while zipping around as a turbo mode Titania with high Ability Strength and the Razorwing Blitz Augment Mod equipped.
  • Fixed being unable to complete the final fight in the Sand of Inaros Quest after killing a Tomb Protector as it is attempting to revive out of its Sarcophagus.
  • Fixed selecting the Platinum icon from the pause menu causing the Platinum purchase window UI to stick and overlap everywhere else.
  • Fixed Acrithis’ subtitles overlapping with the “Browse Wares” UI box.
  • Fixed being able to see through the map by looking into the glass panels on the ground inside of the Central Maintenance location in the post-New War Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed several Collections in the in-game Market missing punctuation in their descriptions.
  • Fixed a script error caused by using Yareli’s Merulina in Teshin’s Cave.
    • The ability is now disabled in the Cave to prevent further issues.
  • Fixed the Watchful Paragrimm decoration having its eye glow VFX in the menu preview.
  • Fixed extremely bright VFX covering the majority of screen when combining Mag’s protective Magnetize (hold to cast) with the Catena Prime Ephemera.
  • Fixed Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability losing its VFX and SFX when casting it back to back.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see the blue light VFX when shooting the discs and correctly matching them in the Paragrimm co-op Enigma.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to create and see a wisp when casting Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.
  • Fixed Clients seeing two wisps instead of one when Host casts Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability.
  • Fixed Drifter’s Guiding Hand wisp not appearing after dying and being revived in Duviri.
  • Fixed all squad members being able to hear the Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability SFX and see the camera “pull back” effect when cast.
  • Fixed the Warframe/Drifter VFX when approaching the portal in Teshin’s Cave applying even when it is not active.
  • Fixed the VFX and SFX from sliding persisting until you respawn if you die.
  • Fixed the VFX from Teshin’s Cave portal appearing and persisting in the options menu background for the duration of your stay in Duviri.
  • Fixed the mirrored Operator in the “Table for Two” objective in Duviri T-posing whenever emotes are used.
  • Fixed the Duviri Captura Scenes having very low teleport volumes – which was causing players to freefall for a long time before respawning back on land.
  • Fixed being unable to scroll through Clan members list depending on cursor location.
  • Fixed a hitch when selecting Father’s Tokens in his vendor screen.
  • Fixed hitching while taking a Mastery Rank test with Eximus enemies involved.
  • Fixed hitching issues in Duviri.
  • Fixed hitch whenever changing the UI theme.
  • Fixed small hitches that occur when a Client selects a Decree.
  • Fixed small hitches that could occur with certain types of script bugs.
  • Fixed numerous small hitches when playing in DirectX 12 using the Enhanced Graphics Engine enabled.
  • Fixed the attachment angle on the Carrier Prime’s right wing being incorrect.
  • Fixed the Friends screen lingering on screen after getting knocked down by enemies while it was open.
  • Fixed being unable to crush Moas with the crate as required in the Sneaky Sabotage Break Narmer mission since they would never walk underneath it.
  • Fixed an issue with Clients where Duviri NPCs would sometimes snap into their cowering idle animations without a transition.
  • Fixed the texturing on the masks of Duviri NPCs.
  • Fixed wing Ephemeras not being affected by the Ghost Mirror “dissolve” effect.
  • Fixed the Trio Orbit Ephemera being visible in a variety of situations where it should have been invisible.
    • Ie. on Transference, customizing in the arsenal
  • Fixed the Azothane not displaying the proper energy colors when performing a ground slam.
  • Fixed issue where you could temporarily wear the Drifter Loneryder Pants without purchasing them.
  • Fixed issues with Client Operator appearance in the Ghost Mirror objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed the Cortege’s beam being invisible when the energy color is set to black.
  • Fixed broken cave textures near Northwind Village in Duviri.
  • Fixed broken textures on the rocks in the Dog Days Captura Scene.
  • Fixed the copy function for Dojo decorations not always maintaining the settings and defaulting.
  • Fixed decorations near The King’s Palace clipping into a building.
  • Fixed K-Drive mounting causing erratic camera movements.
  • Fixed a camera “pop” occurring when it collides with Jackal’s grenades.
  • Fixed several Riven Challenge descriptions appearing as file paths in the “Challenge Progress” screen.
  • Fixed several Syandana offset issues when equipped on the Masker’s Theodolite Crewsuit.
  • Fixes towards Khinn Syandana offset issues.
  • Fixes towards Drifter Keeler Suit offset issues.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Syandanas would go nuts when latched to something (Orowyrm, Enigmas, etc.).
  • Fixed the Fabled Kubrow Fur Pattern not disabling the collars and armors that are not compatible with it.
    • This fur pattern significantly alters the geometry of the Kubrow, making it incompatible with most collars and armors as they are intended to attach to default Kubrows. 
  • Fixed the Vikasa Aegis Chest Armor having several clipping and attachment angle issues across multiple Warframes.
  • Fixed Warframe lingering on screen after interacting with and exiting the mirror in Teshin’s Cave as Warframe.
  • Fixed UI breaking if Host and Client both spam to open the mirror in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed nearby players getting dragged into the air if a squad member interacts with the Tubular Bells in Duviri.
  • Fixed Yareli getting stuck in permanent A-pose and losing all functionality when joining a Ropalolyst Assasinate mission in progress while riding Merulina.
  • Fixed the Kazeru Prime Sugatra having attachment point issues when equipped on the Eukar Claw Skin.
  • Fixed the Drifter/Operator’s Stranger’s Hood hiding Facial Accessories while in its opened state.
  • Fixed context action UI not aligning properly if the input has been rebound.
  • Fixed map hole in Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed issues with lighting contrast in the elevator of the Grineer shipyard Defence tileset found on Ceres and Sedna.
  • Fixed a Grineer Helmet appearing to be unlit on a table in the Grineer asteroid tileset.
  • Fixed map hole issues in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Fixed missing LOC that would appear when selecting a daily Steel Path mission while in Railjack navigation.
  • Fixed black squares that could jump up and cover the screen in certain cases.
  • Fixed being able to see through the map in the Sneaky Sabotage Break Narmer mission.
  • Fixed the on-hover tooltip from looking at an item in your Profile sticking on screen after tabbing over to your Wishlist.
  • Fixed the “Repeated Button Presses” option not appearing when searching “tap / hold” in the settings search bar.
  • Fixed players being able to get stuck in a section of the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed broken waypoint marker pathing in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed certain rocks in the Corpus Outpost tileset not connecting with the ground.
  • Fixed some terrain texture near Watershed Hamlet in Duviri sticking out from an overhang.
  • Fixed an Enigma spawning into the ground by Fair Shores Hamlet in Duviri – making it non interactive.
  • Fixed a floating Kovnik deposit by The Citadel in Duviri.
  • Fixed a floating Dacroot deposit by Fort Wyrmsoul in Duviri.
  • Fixed floating Tasoma deposit in a cave by Moirai Crossing and the Lunaro Court in Duviri.
  • Fixed a blank square icon appearing in the HUD at the start of Defense and Excavation Undercroft missions.
  • Fixed being unable to rotate Dojo Decorations in the preview.
  • Fixed typing in the Dojo Decoration search bar causing the entire window to move and potentially blocking category tabs from being selected.
  • Fixed switching to Necramech removing sound occluding while invisibility abilities are active.
  • Fixed resource containers spawning mid-air in a section of the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed a hallway in the Grineer Galleon tileset being too dark.
  • Fixed missing collision on a decoration in the Corpus Ship tileset.
  • Fixed the Ballas head statue in the post-New War Orb Vallis being unlit.
  • Fixed some planters on Lua appearing to be unlit.
  • Fixed part of the map being far brighter than the rest of the tileset during the “Obtain the Navigation Segment” in the Vor’s Prize Quest.
  • Fixed some clipping issues in the Archarbor in Duviri.
  • Fixed breaking the fans in the Grineer Galleon tileset not playing the audio for Clients.
  • Fixed an extremely rare case where players could start The New War Quest without owning a Railjack.
  • Fixed rare cases of a mutant Drifter and Operator appearing when playing through The New War Quest if the Drifter was selected during “Table for Two” stage.
  • Fixed the “Randomize Materials” button for Voidshell Skins appearing in other unrelated customization areas.
  • Fixed being unable to chat link the new 2023 Pride Display and Glyph.
  • Fixed being unable to chat link Maw Fang.
  • Fixed a crash from shooting at the weak points of capital ships in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed a crash in the Archon Hunt Spy mission.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur after a player quit the game while downed.
  • Fixed Host crashing after Client force quits the game when the Wyrmlings spawn in the Steel Path Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Host forcing migration by leaving during stage one of the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Undercroft portals in Duviri.
  • Fixed crash related to Defense missions in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using Enemy Radar and weapons that create Gas Status Effects.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when closing the game while using DirectX 12.
  • Fixed a crash caused by controlling the Orowyrm in the first stage of the fight in Duviri.
  • Fixed crash after trying to rejoin a squad doing the Orowyrm fight.
  • Fixed a crash caused by going from Fortuna to the  Orb Vallis via the elevator.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a Squad Host’s Dojo.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when an object falls into a teleport volume.
  • Fixed a script error when hitting the last checkpoint in a K-Drive race.
  • Fixed a script error in the “Defend Prisoner” Duviri side objective.
  • Fixed a script error with Wisp Specter.
  • Fixed a script error related to Host migration and Acrithis in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error in Undercroft Survival missions.
  • Fixed a script error related to the “Assemble the Shrine” objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error caused by waypoints in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error related to the Ven’kra boss fight in the Break Narmer “Prison Break” mission.
  • Fixed rare cases when a script error would occur when the enemy doesn’t have a mesh.
  • Fixed a script error when flying the Orowyrm into the portal during the first phase of the fight.


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