Warhammer Vermintide Update 1.28 – Patch Notes on April 12, 2022

A new update has been released for Warhammer Vermintide Update 1.28 with Patch Notes. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. The Warhammer Vermintide Update 1.28 Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


In this update, we have added three new Grudge Marks and tweaked two others.

  • New mark
    Frenzy – Striking this monster with this mark 10 times in quick succession throws the player into a frenzy, increasing attack speed and movement speed by 25% and power by 20% but attacking causes damage to the player. Attacking the monster refreshes this debuff.

  • New mark
    Cursed Aura – A monster with this mark temporarily curses the health of nearby players.

  • New Mark
    Warchief – Periodically spawns elite units that surrounds and protects the Warchief

  • Tweaked mark
    Shield Shatter – Blocking an attack from this boss now temporarily reduces max stamina by 1 for 8 seconds. This mark can now appear on Chaos Spawns and Minotaurs again.

  • Tweaked mark
    Illusionist – Illusions no longer inherit the attributes of the host monster, Illusions cannot deal damage or stagger players, Illusions now only take 1 hit to dispel.


In this update, we’ve added many new features inspired by some of your favorite mods. You can read more about them in our Devblog.


We’ve added a new set of Premium Cosmetics to the in-game store. Swing by Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders to select a new style for your favorite hero!

Patch Notes


  • Added Kill Confirm Crosshair: Indicates what and when you’ve killed an enemy.

  • Added Friendly Fire Crosshair / Hit Marker: Shows a hitmarker when damaging an ally.

  • Added Social Wheel Emotes: You can now trigger character poses to flex and take pictures of with your friends!

  • Added Manage Career Inventory: Able to manage other careers’ inventories and abilities without having to switch to that career.

  • Added Equipped Items on Other Careers: See which items are equipped on careers other than the one you’re currently playing.

  • Added Bot Prioritization: Select which careers should fill your party, and in what order.

  • Added Clear Deeds: You can now delete deeds to make space in your inventory.

  • Added Streamlined Weapon Upgrades: A new UI feature that gives you a detailed overview of your currently equipped weapon.

  • Readded Twitch integration.


  • Kerillian’s latest career has undergone a bit of a renovation. The changes to Sister of the Thorn will add tools and opportunities for Kerillian to become an asset to the team in more ways than previously through debuffing enemies and controlling the flow of combat.

    The goal with changing Sister of the Thorn is to address the most problematic areas of the career, make it into a stronger thematic role in combat, and lean more into the fantasy of the Sisters of the Thorn.

  • Blackvenom Blades: Melee attacks apply Blackvenom, dealing damage and increasing damage taken by 12% for 10 seconds.

  • Atharti’s Delight: Changed to applying bleed when striking poisoned enemies instead of on critical strikes.

  • Isha’s Bounty replaced with Briar’s Malice: Casting Thornwake grants Kerillian 2 critical strikes.

  • Bonded Spirit: Reduce the cooldown of Radiance by 50%, taking damage sets the cooldown back 2 seconds.

  • Radiant Inheritance: Consuming Radiance grants Kerillian and nearby allies 15% power and 5% critical strike chance for 10 seconds.

  • Pale Queen’s Choosing replaced with Recursive Toxin – Blackvenom can now stack 2 times.

  • Moral-Heg’s Doomsight replaced with Lingering Blackvenom – Critical Strikes apply Blackvenom to enemies near the target

  • Ironbark Thicket: Now also increases the width of the wall.

  • Bloodrazor Thicket replaced with Tanglegrasp Thicket: Thorny vines now erupt from Kerillian and travel towards the targeted area. Enemies hit are dragged towards the target area.

  • Blackvenom Thicket: Thornwake instead causes roots to burst from the ground, staggering enemies and applying Blackvenom to them.


We felt Shade wasn’t in a good place as a niche melee career, and that she needed more emphasis on positioning as well as allowing her to get behind enemies more often as a core part of her career. In order to support different playstyles, we also wanted to create a clearer intention with her Career Skill talents.

We wanted to remove the need for certain talent combinations and free up some more choices as a result. Some talents were also very low on popularity and we attempted to remedy the worst examples. We added two new perks to get her more in line with other careers.

We have made an effort to make sure the Shade stealth minigame is a bigger part of the second to second gameplay. Players who utilize this well should notice a big improvement to backstabbing.

Passive, Talents, Perks

  • Main Passive: Changed to Assassin’s Blade: 100% additional damage when attacking enemies with melee attacks from behind.

  • Activated Ability: Cooldown now 70s, up from 60s.

  • Perk 1: Murderous Prowess: Charged melee backstabs instantly slay man-sized enemies.

  • Perk 2: Blur: Parrying an attack and quickly dodging grants Kerillian stealth for a short duration.

  • Perk 3: Dagger in the Dark: Melee attacks from stealth are always critical.

  • Talent 2-3 Exquisite Huntress: Increased duration of the headshot damage buff to 10 seconds, up from 5.

  • Talent 4-1 Ereth Khial’s Herald replaced with: Chain Killer – Successive Charged Backstabs increase Backstab Damage by 25% for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 2 times.

  • Talent 4-2 Vanish replaced with: Focused Slaying – Killing an enemy with a Backstab grants Cooldown reduction for 3 seconds.

  • Talent 6-1 Cloak of Mist replaced with: Shimmer Strike – Leaving Infiltrate grants Kerillian Stealth for 3 seconds. Killing an elite or a special enemy extends this effect by 1 second.

  • Talent 6-2 Shadowstep replaced with: Hungry Wind – Leaving Infiltrate grants Kerillian 10% movement speed and 20% Power with the ability to pass through enemies for 10% seconds. Infiltrate no longer grants bonus damage.


  • We’ve done a pass on sound effects for this career.

  • Shade’s Activated Ability movement speed reduced to 10 from 20 and power down to 20 from 30.

  • Shade’s stacking backstab damage now stacks twice for a 50% bonus instead of 5 times for a 100% bonus.


  • Fixed various unspecified crashes.

  • Fixed a crash caused by missing textures.

  • Fixed a crash when joining with Moonfire BowImproved localization on various items.


  1. Moonfire bow and Hagbane now deal increased DoT damage on finesse hits.

  2. Removed AoE from Moonfire charged shots and reduced damage profiles .

  3. Battle Wizard: Applying stronger DoTs with “Lingering Flames” talent active now overrides weaker DoTs.

  4. Charged Hagbane attacks now apply aoe poison on every bounce when using Ricochet talent.


  • Enemies spawned by Tzeentch Twins should no longer spawn in spots they’re not supposed to.

  • Chaos Wastes – Illusionist illusions can no longer can touch players with most of their actions, they also now always have 0.25 health so they die from 1 hit.

  • Chaos Wastes – Tweaked ‘Shield Shatter’ Grudge Mark. Now reduces max stamina by 1 for 8 seconds when striking block.

  • Chaos Wastes – Readded ‘Shield Shatter’ Grudge Mark to Chaos Spawns and Minotaurs.


  • Into the Nest: Skarrik Spinemanglr can be pushed outside of the arena.

  • Enchanter’s Lair: Fixed Rat Ogre audio playing when entering throne room, when there is no rat ogre.

  • Added VO trigger in Count Mordrek’s Fortress.

  • Fixed a Curse Chest that was always spawning in the Citadel.

  • Moved some respawn points in Grimblood’s Stronghold.

  • Warcamp: Fixed a crash in when staggering arena boss with Sienna’s firewalk.

  • Warcamp: Bodvarr should no longer be able to leave the arena.

  • Players should now move forward in a given level when the rest of the party has moved beyond the point in which they can rescue the captured player.

  • Taal’s Horn Keep: Olesya should no longer walk through the wall.


  • Added new icons for grudge mark debuffs.

  • Added new color-coding for subtitles to better denote who is speaking.

  • Weapons with special attacks will now have these attacks noted in item tooltips, mentioned in loading screens, and when you inspect an item.

  • Fixed various cases of crashing and incorrect layout caused by minimizing the game window.

  • Fixed forging weave weapons causing regular inventory to have the “unseen item” star until selecting it in the Athanor.

  • Okri’s Challenges can now be claimed in bulk.

  • Added togglable filters to Okri’s Challenges.


  • Delayed spawning of hog-tied corpse if player has not yet despawned.

  • Added stones and smoke to emphasize direction for Sister of the Thorns vines VFX.

  • Tweaked some some SFX and VFX for Grudge Marks.

  • Moonfire Bow should no longer show it having “ammo” in Weaves.

  • Added inspect animations to crystals in Weaves.

  • Synced Warrior Priest’s weapon glow.

  • Fixed display multiplier for Bardins “Booming Taunt”Tweaked some dialogue durations.

  • A sound will now play correctly when a Cursed Grudgemark wears off.

  • Adjusted VFX speed for AoE Grudge Mark Curses.

  • Fixed Stormfiend permanently shooting when staggered.

  • Fixed Bardin’s Chaos Wastes ‘song dialogue’ not working properly.

  • Fixed skinning issue on Kruber’s face.

  • Fixed a crash caused by the group holding more than the intended number of books.

  • Fixed clients not progressing the “Unbreakable” challenge (absorb damage caused by Warrior Priest passive).

  • Fixed an issue with Ironbreaker’s beard being constrained at low FPS.

  • Bots should no longer be able to fling themselves from ledges unprovoked. They can still be yeeted off ledges, just shouldn’t navigate themselves off a ledge.

  • Fixed bots sometimes not repathing when they are interrupted by an enemy while trying to reach a player to aid them (eg. revive).

  • Weapon special attacks now have a default keybind of V that can be rebound.

  • Weapons found in the Chaos Wastes will now only use illusions you’ve unlocked.

  • Fixed Griffon-Foot Pistol shooting with delay when paired with Taal’s Twinned Arrow.

  • Fixed a crash caused by a rogue interaction with Engineer Bardin’s and Taal’s Twinned Arrow.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Feed Me, Sinner’ Challenge could not be completed if Sienna (Battle Wizard) used her activated ability ‘Fire Walk’Fixed an issue with the Ubersreik Cataclysm Keep banner.

  • Fixed an issue when host swapping characters in the Keep would prohibit hot-joining players from picking the previous character.

  • Different Sienna dots now stackable as intended. Applying the same dot now refreshes duration.

  • Dots applied with Lingering Flames active no longer prevents you from reapplying dots on the same target after dying and being revived.

  • Fixed Blackvenom making Chaos Warriors jerk around on every tick.

  • Players are now invincible while being inside the Skittergate, solving the issue where players can be killed by entering/exiting the gate.

  • The damage indicator should no longer display when the player damages themselves.

  • Removed the tiny friendly fire from Unchained’s career skill.

  • Fixed Sienna’s overcharge inconsistencies — overcharge explosion should kill Sienna no matter how much damage reduction she has.