Warner Bros. to Announce New, Free Streaming Service

A Bloomberg article said that Warner Bros. Discover (WBD) is making a free streaming service to compete with Netflix and Disney+.

Netflix recently said it was going to take steps to stop people from sharing passwords, but then it seemed to change its mind quickly. This shows how much modern media consumers depend on easy-to-access streaming.

Warner Bros

People who want to watch all their favorite shows at once will have a new option.

Warner Bros

Bloomberg says that Warner Bros. Discovery is making WBTV a free streaming service supported by ads.

Many of Warner Bros. Discovery’s most popular shows, like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, and The West Wing (which was on Netflix for a while before leaving), already have a home on HBO Max, owned by WBD.

Bloomberg says not to “expect Warner Bros. to let its biggest hits leave HBO Max” because most of its streaming comes from “a small number of library titles” like “Friends.”

But as Warner Bros. Discovery looks into making its own “free, ad-supported streaming service” like Tubi or IMDbTV, many less popular shows will probably switch to WBTV so they can be streamed for free.

Disney+ and Netflix just added cheaper tiers supported by ads, so this could also be a direct response to those changes.

What Does HBO Max Keep?

Since this seems to still be in the early stages, it’s hard to say for sure which shows and movies will be free to watch on this new WBTV service and which will still be behind a paywall on HBO Max.

Warner Bros. Discovery, for example, has some creative units, one of which is DC. Most DC TV shows and movies can be found on HBO Max.

Until more is known, people who watch TV can at least be excited about the possibility of more free viewing.