Warning .. this is what Tesla autopilot does to drivers

While thousands of potential Tesla owners test the latest version of the software of the company’s fully autonomous driving, one studio warns that the new system is driving drivers away.

A new studio of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gives credit to the idea that the fully autonomous driving system (FSD) is not an autonomous system, but simply an advanced driver assistance system.

Researchers studied the general data and found that drivers can become inattentive when using partially automated driving systems.

Change in behavior patterns

He explained that drivers’ patterns of visual behavior change before and after the activation of automatic driving.

After switching on, drivers were less interested in the road and focused more on non-drivable areas than when they switched to manual driving.

Also, it studio It has provided prove that drivers may not use autopilot as recommended.

Warning .. this is what Tesla autopilot does to drivers

Tesla car (Reuters)

The company first uses telemetry data to capture personal driving metrics for a period of seven days to ensure that drivers remain sufficiently alert.

The data can also be used to apply a new safety assessment that tracks the owner’s vehicle, which is linked to their insurance.

Just a driver assistance system

And because Autopilot includes safety features like traffic-sensitive cruise control and automatic steering, drivers become less alert and take their hands off the wheel.

Researchers have found that this type of behavior may be the result of a misunderstanding about what autopilot features can do and what their limitations are, which are reinforced when they work well.

Additionally, automated drivers can naturally feel bored after trying to maintain visual and physical alertness, which researchers say leads to increased inattention.



The studio, titled “A Model of Natural Looking Behavior in Tesla Autopilot Operations, “followed Model S and Model X owners through their daily routines for periods of a year or more. in all thearea of Greater Boston.

The vehicles are equipped with an intelligent driving environment recording data acquisition system in real time. Which continuously collects data from the network of thearea control, GPS and three 720p cameras.

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