Warnings about Hitler’s injection in Egypt… What are they?

Amjad Al-Haddad, an allergy and immunology consultant with a serum and vaccine, revealed the contents of a syringe known in Egypt as “Hitler’s syringe” following the publicity and news that it had caused the death of a citizen.

In statements to Al-Watan, Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad explained that the Helter injection is a cocktail of “antibiotic, cortisone and analgesic” and that its problem is that it contains cortisone and an analgesic and poses a risk to allergy sufferers.

Al-Haddad pointed out that “Hitler’s syringe is often used in popular areas or rural areas, and its components are dangerous for citizens,” explaining that “having received it, the citizen feels that he is in good health and one day gets tired again, the pharmacist takes him again.”

An allergy and immunology consultant warned that “these injections are a serious disaster that threatens human health and sometimes leads to death, and the lack of prompt intervention leads to other diseases, such as bacterial resistance.”

Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad said, explaining in detail the components of the “Hitler” injection, that it is: “An antibiotic 1 g (cefotaxime) + an injection of 8 mg of cortisone (dexamethasone) + an analgesic and anti-inflammatory injection (from non-steroidal compounds) Diclofenac 75 mg.”

Al-Haddad urged citizens to “need to speak with a doctor before giving these injections, as not every cold sufferer is able to tolerate this injection or others,” adding: “An antibiotic is not the first choice in medicines. if you feel any kind of fatigue.etc., when taking antipyretics, warm liquids, lemon and orange juice, and the runny nose will disappear within two days, and in case of recovery failure, you must consult a doctor, especially in light of the spread of the corona virus pandemic.

For his part, Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Health, in a telephone interview with Cairo Talk, pointed out that “Hitler’s injection is a combination of antibiotics with vitamins that are used without a prescription.” “.

Abdel Ghaffar warned of the dangers of this injection, saying: “Any injection can lead to a sharp drop in blood circulation, cardiac arrest and death”, noting that “there are wrong methods of treatment and treatment that is supposed to be taken only by prescription, and that any medication, especially antibiotics should be adjusted.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health added: “Doses should be adjusted depending on the condition of the person or the victim, and there is no good medical practice in any country in the world where antibiotics are used without a prescription.”

He continued: “Antibiotics cannot be dispensed without a prescription, and we are clearly working to ban prescription-only drugs.”

Source: “Al-Watan” + “Seventh Day”