Warships will not pass . Turkey: We are committed to respecting the Montreux Convention

In a moment in which Turkey has stressed its commitment to the Montreux Convention, which provides for not allowing warships to cross the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles in the waters of the Black Sea, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said his country seeks to avoid “misunderstandings” that could be caused by its NATO allies in that region.

He added that the entry of NATO forces into the Black Sea “causes greater sensitivity”, noting that Ankara has proposals to maintain stability there.

Wrong information warning

In an interview with the Hurriyet newspaper published Monday morning, he also urged countries not to get excited, pointing out that the publication of information false could lead to a misunderstanding.

Akar responded negatively to the question of whether there are now warships for countries outside the Black Sea, noting that his country is working to ensure that the principle of land ownership is not violated and the related rights of coastal countries are not violated.

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He also pointed out that any imbalance could lead to events out of control.

Montreux Convention . iron around the neck of Russian ships

Interestingly, Turkey damages Russian ships with something like an iron chain through the Montreux Convention, which prevents warships from entering the Black Sea and restricts their movement.

The history of that agreement dates back to 1936, when Turkey was an important part of it along with the former Soviet Union, Great Britain and six other countries.

Under it, Ankara controls access to the Black Sea, guaranteeing freedom of navigation for merchant ships in time to pace and the right to simultaneously prevent warships from crossing the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Strait in case of conflict, especially if Turkey itself is threatened or if these ships are returning to their bases.

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With these words Russia will not be able to easily compensate for its loss after the sinking of the famous cruiser “Moskva” a few days ago, in how much he owns two other ships of the same class, Marshal Ustinov and the Varyag, in service with the Russian Northern Fleet and the Pacific Fleet, respectively.

Turkey, which controls the passage to the Black Sea, will therefore not allow them to cross the Bosphorus, in wartime.

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