Warzone developers confirm another wave of bans to remove cheaters before season 2

Warzone’s developers, Raven Software, have confirmed they have dealt another major wave of bans to players who cheated and hacked in Battle Royale prior to season two.

Since its release in March last year, Warzone has established itself as one of the leading offerings in the battle royale market along with Apex Legends and Fortnite.

It’s just gotten stronger over the past year, but one big problem has grown – fraud. Players could collect wallhacks, target bots, and other exploits to ruin the experience for others.

It’s something fans have been complaining about. Many are turning away from Warzone and making something else their main game until the game is cleaned up. Because of this, the developers have made a real push to rid the game of hackers, roll out big waves of bans in various places, and shut down cheat vendors.


Despite the popularity of Warzone, hackers and scammers are still raging in Verdansk.

In early February, the developers distributed a wave of bans that reportedly killed over 60,000 scammers, and they were back a week laterand defeat an unknown number of hackers.

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In another third wave of follow-up, the developers confirmed that they had targeted more scammers and removed them from Verdansk and Rebirth Island before the start of the Cold War season two.

“We said there would be more … Another new wave of prohibitions has gone out for #Warzone,” said the developer tweeted on February 22nd again failing to specify exactly how many scammers were hit by the Banhammer.

Of course, the news will please players who have had problems with scammers, but there are things others would have liked to change. There are still complaints about overpowering weapons, broken attachments and various mishaps in the game.

It remains to be seen whether these waves of prohibitions will continue as frequently as they are now that it’s three in two weeks, but the developers stay true to their word of trying to clean things up.

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