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Warzone-Like UI, Battle Pass Menu Revealed in Suicide Squad Leak

An image allegedly came from the restricted alpha of the upcoming Suicide Squad game, Kill the Justice League, which appeared online a few hours ago. In this screenshot, four Suicide Squad members stand in front of a shadowy background surrounded by an interface that clearly says “Call of Duty: Warzone.”



The UI was directly lifted from Warzone, the Activision battle royale that is becoming less and less popular, from how the squad is positioned to the mode selection windows. However, there is more to be inferred from the screenshot, including the potential presence of a battle pass, many in-game currencies, and a cosmetics shop.

Live Action Action Heroes

A brand-new trailer for Suicide Squad: KtJL debuted at The Game Awards in December 2022, confirming the game’s status as an additional installment in the Batman: Arkham series. In an unexpected turn, but not wholly unexpected, it was revealed that Batman was not the adventure’s protagonist but rather, in a sense, an adversary.

Legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy, who sadly passed away in November 2022 after years of portraying Batman in various forms of entertainment, is giving his last voice-acting performance.



Suicide Squad is currently scheduled to debut in May 2023. However, after learning what this purported in-game screenshot reveals, several fans have begun to change their minds about the game.

What we may infer from the screenshot is as follows:

  • Live-action hybrid game Suicide Squad will feature single- and multiplayer gameplay and an optional battle pass upgrade.
  • There are no fewer than six in-game currencies, the identities of which have not yet been made public but may indicate a somewhat “grindy” requirement.
  • The UI and available choices closely resemble Back 4 Blood and Warzone, giving the game a somewhat basic co-op vibe.
  • According to an in-game store option, skins and other cosmetics might be offered, although that is no real surprise.
  • There are matchmaking options that make nod to the game’s multiplayer component. Even still, there’s a clear indication that the entire squad might be made up of bots, confirming that the game can be completely experienced with pals or by yourself.
  • A loadout screen suggests that the Suicide Squad members can be changed before loading into a game, thus opening the door to microtransactions.

It’s not feasible to criticize Suicide Squad too harshly. There are still a few months until the game’s release date, so leaks of this type should always be treated with a grain of salt.


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