Was Marvel 2099 President Doom the Real Doctor Doom?

Today let’s examine if Marvel 2099’s Doom 2099 was in actually the REAL Victor Von Doom or not.

This is “Provide Some Answers”, which is a feature where long unresolved plot points are eventually resolved.

This one it’s a bit complicated because the writer who solved the story it was the same writer who STARTED on story, but you may have noticed that I’ve allowed some exceptions for when the same writer started and finished a story where is beautiful clear that the resolution was not what they had come up with up with when they started. In other words, there is a writer who starts story and then solving it (like, say, Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier stuff, where everything clearly had to go to a certain resolution) and there’s a writer introducing a story (like David Michelinie with Peter Parker’s parents show up in Amazing Spider-Man # 365) without any knowledge of what he would one day write as a resolution of That story (like David Michelinie writing the revelation that Peter’s parents they were in robot reality sent by the Chameleon to learn Spider-Man’s secret identity). here it is sure it does not seem like John Francis Moore had an end game in mind when he started his two-year run on Doom 2000 at the end of 1992, so I’m counting it for this column, even though Moore ultimately solved the mystery.

Ok, a set the scene, 1992’s Destiny 2099 # 1 (by Moore and Pat Broderick) shows Doctor Doom pop up in the year 2099, totally confused by how got there .

Destiny discovers that Latveria is now ruled by a villain known as Tiger Wylde (you can’t be a 1990 creation if you don’t have a Y where an I should to be in your name). Destiny tries to take Wylde down, but Doom’s armor is just Not up to the task. Doom is unmasked and Wylde’s people I am shocked to find that Doom is A. unmarked and B. clearly way mashed potato young to be Destiny. they heal up his face for fun .

One of Wylde’s lieutenants are Roma, like Doom, and she decides not kill the wounded Destiny e instead work with him to take Wylde down. Doom then receives a new armor which implies being injected with even nanobots .

Destiny quickly overthrows Tiger Wylde as leader of Latvia.

In a recurring storyline in the series for the next year or so, Destiny would try to rediscover his memories, but . fail, like in Destiny 2099 # 9 (by Ernie Colon, writing and drawing the story), the conclusion of a trippy story where Doom enters in Internet, in practice, e battles with symbols of a number of fictional characters like Sweeney Todd, the professor Moriarty and Jacob Marley (plus a real killer of life in Jack the Ripper) .

Around this point in time, the current Doom is apparently dead, leading people believe that the explosion that apparently killed Doom really sent him to the pages of Destiny 2099 # 1 .

The fate of the present day has finally shown up in a whole other resolution of that plot (I discussed it last week. It involved Hyperstorm. You might get better off not knowing), so it had nothing to do with Doom 2099 (ironically, after making it clear that the Fantastic Four stories had nothing to do with Doom 2099, THEN Doom 2099 guest star in Fantastic Four!).

In Destiny 2099 # 13 (by Moore and Alcatena), Destiny sees a mysterious woman who recognizes Margaretta von Geisterstadt by name .

We would later, in Destiny 2099 # 19 (by Moore, Broderick and inker John Nyberg), Margaretta is working together with another mysterious figure as he saw her refer to Doom 2099 as a false Destiny .

Around this same period, people we were telling Destiny that there was ANOTHER Destiny out there, in shadows. Doom didn’t believe these rumors and, well, certainly them just sound like the guy of what you say people to create fear, ya know? However, it could be that the mysterious figure with Was Margaretta TRUE Destiny?

Things have gone to head in Destiny 2099 # 24 (where Warren Ellis now joined the book as a screenwriter over Plots of Moore), when Doom has defeated a returned Tiger Wylde and discovers that he is an android, apparently created by .

the TRUE Doctor Doom !!

The other Destiny explains that he is much older than Doom 2099, so obviously HE is the REAL Doctor Doom and was hanged out with Everyone Margaretta of this time, I enjoy watching Doom struggle with his destiny in life .

Margaretta, however, then sends the two Dooms on a journey through time.

Eventually, they discover the truth, about ten years earlier from 2099, where we see that Doom and Margaretta had a “game”Where are they going? back and on jokes with each other. Destiny has returned home after being injured by one of by Margaretta games .

She then made it sort of switch minds with another man and also alter the appearance of Destiny to make it appear ten years old young and no longer scarred .

So Doom now knows the truth, he is the real Victor Von Destiny .

He wasn’t a fan of by Margaretta games, then it rings one last game And kills her and the false Destiny (I guess that means he won the game?). Now sure in his knowledge of who he is, Doom 2099 decides to take then over the United States, which is the start of The acclaimed Warren Ellis run on the series.

Of course, by REAL Doctor Doom we mean the real Doctor Doom of this possible future, but still, close enough.

Self anyone the other has a suggestion for a comic plot that was resolved after a few years (I tend to use two years at least, otherwise you probably are just in the goal of the real initial revelation of the plot, yes know? but I will allow exceptions where a new the writer takes over a plot and must resolve the unresolved plots of the previous writer), drop a line to [email protected]!

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