Was the black lightning blocked from being? on Unlimited Justice League?

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Black Lightning was blocked from appearing on Justice League Unlimited why of its creator’s copyright agreement with A.D.


It appears to be true

I’m just repeating myself since first part of of this week installment (which was ALSO about why a character didn’t appear on the show), Unlimited Justice League it was a sequel / revamp of the Justice League Cartoon series which ran from 2004-2006 which worked under the idea of taking the original Justice League concept and expansion of the group membership dramatically (one one might say in almost “unlimited” extent) .

The series introduced a whole bunch of new characters to the League, a lot of who never really had a chance to have the spotlight on the series as they were MANY new additions (although there were a number of new leaguers who It got the spotlight and became a fan favorite like result of their spotlights, like the interesting new approach to the matter as a conspiracy theorist who has become a beloved version of the character of many fans) it’s still, in the middle of All of these various characters, a notable character who was absent was Black Lightning.

Another interesting aspect of Black Lightning is that it actually appeared in comic adaptation of Unlimited Justice League published by DC Comics, so it was part of the Justice League in a tie-in comic AL cartoon, but the cartoon itself.

We have seen it happen with Blue Beetle, too, and Unlimited Justice League director and longtime DC Animated Universe artist Dan Riba explained: “Blue Beetle had a .complicated legal issue. Charlton’s claim about the character was a bit uncertain. So DC needed to tighten things up before letting go anyone adapt it. The comics were deemed ok because they were pretty hidden . but a TV show or a toy was too high-profile for something that might take some kind of payment. But they did the legal work and they paid off any heirs or found there weren’t any and Charlton’s claim to the character was legally binding. “

That’s why Blue Beetle may appear in the comic tiein but not the comics, but it was the same deal for Black lightning?

No, that’s not why it wasn’t on the comic.

It could be like plastic man, who he had a separate contract for cartoons that prevented him from appearing on this series?

No, it’s not even for that.

Instead it arrives down at the same reason because Black Vulcan was created for the Super Friends many years ago (something I discussed in my book, Was Superman a spy? And reveal more comic book legends). You see, in 1977, Tony Isabella, who I had already earned a little experience to Marvel Comics at work on both of them Luke Cage, Hero for To hire and short-lived Black Goliath series, was given the chance to DC Comics to come work on a new black hero they were planning on launch. Isabella was working on ideas for a black superhero of his, then him soon convinced DC a drop their idea and instead do the new character who had come up with.

The new hero (created by Isabella with artist Trevor Von Eeden, that merit is specific way to credit the creation “Black Lightning was created by Tony Isabella with Trevor Von Eeden “) debuted in Black lightning # 1 in very early 1977 .

Shortly after, the Super friends TV show added some new, various characters to the show. Of course, Black Lightning would be a PERFECT addition to the team. Except here was the “problem”- if Black Lightning was used on the show, Isabella would receive compensation from her appearance on TV. DC should have paid for it, but they decided to do it pass the tax together with Hanna-Barbera. Hanna Barbera, for their part, no want to do so, then them instead just invented a Black Lightning KNOCK-OFF called Black Vulcan .

Isabella was naturally annoyed and in his last issue of Black lightning noted that left the series because “I quit because of my dissatisfaction with A.D failure to live up to the spirit of their agreements with myself on a number of occasions. “His final issue had a fun shot at Hanna-Barbera in the person of a character named Barbara Hanna who created a shot-off version of Black lightning. Very funny stuff. I’m like of impressed DC released such a stinging shot at one of their business partner!

In any event, after I did Comic Book Legends Revealed on Blue Beetle which couldn’t be on Unlimited Justice League, Tony left me a line to note that it was the same true for Black lightning. He said that Unlimited Justice League‘S head writer, the late, great Dwayne McDuffie, personally told him that McDuffie had asked to . use Black Lightning and I was told no.

In the end, Black Lightning made his cartoon debut on the cartoon Brave and the Bold series .


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