Washington commands its non-essential diplomats in Myanmar to go

The United States announced Tuesday that it was non-essential diplomats in Had instructed Myanmar to leave the country. This came about after the murder of more than 500 civilians by die Security guards in this country since the protests against the military coup that die Civil government overturned by Aung San Suu Kyi began two months ago.

And the US State Department said in a statement that it was after it “on February 14th die has approved the voluntary departure of non-essential US government officials and their families … today orders them to leave “.

According to a Foreign Ministry spokesman, this decision was made “because die Safety of US Government Employees and Members of Their Families as well die American citizen safety is the Department’s top priority. “

The spokesman stated that “die US embassy in Myanmar continues for die Be open to the public and continue to provide limited consular services “.

The US decision comes on the eve of an emergency meeting held by the UN Security Council on Wednesday at the UK’s request to discuss the situation in Myanmar will hold.

The United States and Britain have in announced a number of new sanctions in the last few days, but China and Russia are against such measures and have so far refused to officially condemn the coup.

Put in Myanmar die Leader of the ruling military council, die on die Divisions in the international community count, the bloody crackdown continues to put an end to the demonstrations, die Since the February 1st coup, democracy and strikes in the country have been calling for the overthrown die Civil government led by Aung San Suu Kyi.

Announced on Tuesday die “Association for the Support of Political Prisoners” die Murder of 521 people, including many students and young people die Security guards in the past two months and found that die Deaths “Could Be Much Higher” At A Time in the hundreds of in those arrested over the past two months are still among the missing.

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