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Washington encourages a political solution to end the Russo-Ukrainian war

Today, Thursday, the Russian special military operation in Ukraine continues, as units of the Russian army strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces, while Kiev continues to try to recapture its lands that were controlled by Moscow with Western support.

In the latest development, US Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said the chance of Ukraine pushing Russia to withdraw from its territory was slim.

He ruled out Ukraine’s ability to win now, and Milley confirmed that he encourages a political settlement to end the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The US chief of staff added that Russia maintains significant combat capabilities inside Ukraine.

Speaking of negotiations, Milley said President Biden has been clear that Ukraine owns the timing and format of negotiations with Russia.

On the ground, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denied that the missile fell in Poland was launched by its forces and called on Zelensky to allow his country to visit the site, asking him to provide details of the investigation into the incident.

This comes as Moscow called on Poland to stop what it described as anti-Russian auctions. The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the army did not hit any targets in the Ukrainian-Polish border area, and all of Warsaw’s statements about Moscow’s involvement are provocative.

Zelenskyj yesterday, Tuesday, accused Moscow of having hit a farm in Poland, believing that this behavior was a clear message to the G20, “as reported by France Press”.

On the other hand, a US national security spokeswoman said it was clear that Russia was responsible for the incident, “whatever the outcome of the final conclusions”.

The White House has said that Russia is ultimately responsible for the missile, at the same time noting that nothing contradicts the hypothesis that the missile that hit Poland was launched by Ukrainian defenses.


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