Washington hopes to bring its diplomats back to Kiev at the end of the month

The United States hopes that its diplomats will return to the Ukrainian capital Kiev “by the end of the month,” Chargé Kristina Kavin said on Monday, after Washington closed its embassy there a few days before operations began. Russian military in Ukraine.

“We very much hope conditions will allow us to return to Kiev by the end of the month,” Kvin said during a press conference in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lviv, to which US consular work was recently transferred.

He added: “It is my first day after my return in Ukraine “, expressing his pleasure and explaining that he will travel between Lviv and the capital” during the day for one or two weeks “.
“The priority is the safety of the crew. If we inform the security forces that we can return to Kiev, we will return,” Kavin confirmed.

“The message to Russia is: ‘You have failed. (President Vladimir) Putin made a historic mistake in his unprovoked attack.”

The United States had decided to move its embassy in Ukraine from Kiev to Lviv, near the Polish border, on February 14, ten days before the start of the Russian-Russian military operation, before evacuating its personnel from the country.

After a visit to Kiev on April 24, US Secretary of State and Defense Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin announced a gradual US diplomatic return in Ukraine in light of the improvement in the situation on the ground, especially in Kiev and its surroundings.

The next day, President Joe Biden said he will appoint a new US ambassador in the coming days in Ukraine, Bridget Brink, the current ambassador in Slovakia in awaiting confirmation from the Senate.

This comes when several European countries reopened their embassies in Kiev last month after fighting subsided, with the Russian military currently focused on eastern Ukraine.

Last weekend, Ukraine witnessed an unannounced visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The US congressional delegation led by Pelosi praised the courage of the Ukrainian people.

US lawmakers assessed Ukraine’s needs for the next phase of the war, with Pelosi promising that Washington would stay with the country until Kiev defeats Russia.

Pelosi was the oldest US lawmaker to visit Ukraine since the start of the Russian war more than two months ago.

His unannounced visit came just days after Moscow bombed the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, while UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was there.

Pelosi and six US lawmakers met for three hours on Saturday in delay with Zelensky and his main aides to get a first-hand assessment of the war effort so far.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday in Poland, the delegates praised Ukraine’s defenses and stressed the assurance of continued long-term military, humanitarian and economic support from the United States.

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