Washington: Jordan is a strategic partner and we support King Abdullah

The White House confirmed today, Monday, that Jordan’s King Abdullah II is “our partner and we strongly support him”.

In return, the US State Department confirmed today that Jordan is a “strategic partner” for Washington who “values ​​this relationship very much”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that it “fully supports King Abdullah II.”

To a question about the events in Jordan last weekend, a US State Department spokesman replied: “We leave it to our Jordanian partners to talk about what’s wrong with them.”

He continued: “We’re pursuing die situation in Jordan exactly. We made this very clear over the weekend. “

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that “die United States and Jordan naturally share many goals, die be represented by a negotiated two-state solution with Israel side by side with a viable Palestinian state in Peace and security are alive. “

“Jordan has also been an invaluable partner in tackling this fast all priority challenges in of the region, among other things by die Alleviate the humanitarian crisis caused by the Syrian conflict, “she said.

The State Department added, “Jordan has helped make progress in Direction of a political transition in Syria to achieve that too die will ensure permanent defeat of ISIS. We said before that we die Appreciate the Jordanians’ extraordinary support for the Syrian people, including through die Acceptance of many refugees We remain committed to our commitment. “We are working with Jordan to address the threat posed by ISIS and we are also committed to assisting Jordan with all threats to its borders, including those that die assume ISIS. “

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