Washington vows to respond to any Russian violation of the Ukrainian border

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken promised Thursday to respond to “any” invasion by Russian forces on the Ukrainian border, after President Joe Biden sparked criticism that a “limited” raid might warrant a minor response.

“We have always been very clear that if Russian military forces move across the Ukrainian border and commit new aggressive acts against Ukraine, they will encounter a quick and strong response from the United States, our allies and our partners.” , Blinken told reporters in Berlin.

Together, with one voice

He also added that Westerners “work together and with one voice when it comes to Russia. This unity gives strength, a power that Russia does not have and cannot achieve.”

He also pointed out that Russia could revive the dangers of the Cold War in Europe.

These statements came after he met his German, French and British counterparts in Berlin.

Field thousands of soldiers

Interestingly, Russia has deployed thousands of soldiers on the Ukrainian border, which raised fears of an invasion by its neighbor. The Kremlin denies that it has any intention of attacking Ukraine. But he believes that reducing the tension is through obtaining written assurances about Russia’s security, including that NATO will not include Ukraine. in it.

And the Russian Defense Ministry announced Thursday that more than 140 warships and around 10,000 troops will participate in exercises in the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, or even Mediterranean in January and February.

He also stressed that the main objective of the upcoming mass maneuvers is “to protect Russia’s national interests in the oceans and to address military threats against Russia from the seas and oceans”. At the height of tension with Westerners, Moscow also announced joint naval exercises with China and Iran, whose President Ibrahim two presidents will visit Russia on Thursday. The date of these exercises has not been specified.

Biden’s statements

These announcements come after the Kremlin considered US President Joe Biden’s statements, in to which he threatened a “stern” response on Wednesday in case of a Russian military attack on Ukraine, calling it “destabilizing”.

Biden, entered in charged a year ago, warned that the situation “could get out of control” in case of Russian attack. His statement initially created confusion by mentioning the possibility of a Russian “limited raid” in Ukraine. His comments were quickly criticized, forcing the White House to clarify his warning to Russia.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said: “If any Russian force crosses the Ukrainian border, that is, invades it again, it will encounter a quick, firm and united response from the United States and its allies.”

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