Watch … a father recounts the tragedy of his wife and children being murdered by Houthi grenades

The family of the Yemeni citizen, Yahya Muhammad Faraj, lived a dignified and safe life in their home in the village of Ras Al-Hassi in the Al-Mutina district of Al-Tuhayat district, south of Hodeidah, before the hands of the Houthi reached them with artillery shells claim the lives of his pregnant wife, three of his children and three of his relatives.

In a video, Yahya recounted his ineradicable tragedy, saying, “This is my house where Houthi shells fell and destroyed, killing my pregnant wife, children and niece inside.”

He added, “After this crime, I and the rest of my children fled to Al-Nakhil village in Al-Jabaliya to save our lives.”

Yahya went on to speak of his burning and tearing tragedy that choked him to death, describing the horror of the Houthi terrorist crime that killed his wife, who was carrying a child and awaiting his birth, and the lives of three of them his children , his niece, his cousin and his cousin.

Yahya used to work in the fishing profession to support his family, but after the Houthi crime that befell his family, he was no longer able to continue his daily work as a fisherman. Rather, the living conditions and current painful reality forced him to stay in the house he was evicted with his family and take care of his children and elderly mother. This is evident from the video published by the military media for the joint armed forces.

This tragic story is one of the prominent witnesses to the crimes of the Houthi militia against civilians in Hodeidah governorate who continue to claim the lives of the citizens relentlessly and have turned their lives into an unbearable hell.

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