Watch .. Confessions of a Houthi prisoner in the grip of the united forces

A member of the Houthi militia captured by the combined forces confessed to his mission in the Durayhimi district, south of Hodeidah, in western Yemen on Saturday.

The prisoner Houthi (Bakr Munasir Shuraim) said in a video confession published by the military media of the Joint Forces that he was used by the militia die Received a task, die Investigate Joint Forces locations while his Houthi colleagues planted explosives and mines.

He added that they clashed with the combined forces as they tried to get closer to their positions and his colleagues, including a leader named Abu Rakan, were killed while he was being captured.

Dozens of Houthi militia members were killed or wounded on Saturday while another Houthi element was captured by the combined forces in their attempt to invade east of Al-Durayhimi.

A military source from the Joint Forces said confrontations occurred when Houthi elements attempted to infiltrate their positions east of Al-Durayhimi, south of Hodeidah, stressing that die Units of the joint armed forces die infiltrating militias and dozens of dead and injured among them added their ranks while die Armed forces captured another Houthi element.

He added that die remaining Houthi militia fighters in retreat fled and collapsed and die Leaving bodies of their dead behind.

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