Watch .. Joint forces clear Iranian mines in the Red Sea

The engineering team of the joint armed forces on the west coast of Yemen announced today, Wednesday, die Clearance of an Iranian mine network in the southern Red Sea, which was laid out by the Houthi militia, and ships and tankers on the shipping route near the vital Bab al-Mandab.

The military media of the joint armed forces distributed a video that die Moments of dealing with the network documented in the vital area of ​​Seoul in the Hanish Archipelago in planted near the international navigation corridor, and its removal and disposal by a specialized team of engineers in Accompaniment of die Coast Guard, the Red Sea sector.

Watch .. Joint forces clear Iranian mines in the Red Sea

From the network of dismantled mines

The staff of the Coast Guard of the National Resistance, Colonel Abdullah Fakhri, stressed that intercepting vital and sensitive areas in the Red Sea with this type of mine network is linked to the Iranian agenda in order to die to threaten international shipping.

Fakhri said in a press release at the time of the elimination of the network that die booby-trapped militias, die with Iran in the Seoul region, one of the most important fishing areas in the Red Sea, have three goals: die kill most fishermen when they choose in to fish this area again and die Destroying the environment. The Navy ambushes the movement of merchant ships and arouses fears in the international shipping route, die is not far away die Islands of the Hanian Archipelago.

    Coast Guard personnel in the National Resistance Colonel Abdullah Fachri

He pointed out that die Coast Guard patrols suspected a foreign object as part of the ongoing survey and cordoned off the area and prevented start-up and soon a specialized team of engineers was dispatched to successfully treat it.

It is noteworthy that the mine network, which last Monday by the combined forces south of the Great Hanish Island in the southern part of the Red Sea in was uncovered near Bab al-Mandab, one of the major global trade corridors, with a thoughtful design sufficient to detonate large areas.

The head of National Resistance Operations, Brigadier General Abdul Rahman Al-Sami’i, said that die Discovery of a Houthi network of marine mines installed on the seabed of the Hanish Archipelago for the presence of similar networks in Sensitive Marine Areas indicates areas throughout the Red Sea and adds that die Surveying work will be expanded to clear them.

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