Watch .. Kim admits: North Korea faces “severe” food shortages

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un has officially admitted that his country is threatened by food shortages. Speaking before attendees at a meeting of the country’s leaders, Kim said, “The food situation of the people is now worsening.”

He added that due to the tropical cyclones last year, the agricultural sector die Caused floods, die aims in Regarding cereals have not reached.

Watch .. Kim admits: North Korea faces “severe” food shortages

from North Korea

There have been reports of high food prices, such as die American website NK News, which specializes in North Korean news, said the price of a kilogram of bananas was the equivalent of $ 45.

North Korea has closed its borders to die Curb the spread of Covid-19.

As a result, trade with China has dropped sharply. North Korea relies on China to import food, fertilizers and fuel.

North Korea also suffers from international sanctions, die were imposed because of its nuclear programs.

During the meeting, Kim said that die national industrial production has increased by a quarter compared to the same period last year.

Expectations suggest officials during the event die Relations with the United States and South Korea will be discussed, but details have not yet been released.

In April, Kim rarely admitted to trouble; He demanded die Officials to “initiate another arduous, more difficult process aimed at die To alleviate difficulties for our people even a little “.

North Korean officials use the term “hard march” to refer to die Suffering during famine in the 1990s, when the collapse of the Soviet Union deprived the country of much-needed aid.

from North Korea

from North Korea

It is not known how many North Koreans are in died of starvation this time, but it is estimated that it reached die Number of deaths three million people.

Preparation for “Dialogue as Confrontation” with America

North Korean media quoted President Kim Jong-un on Friday as saying that Pyongyang should prepare for a “dialogue and confrontation” with Washington under US President Joe Biden.

The official news agency said Kim said during a plenary session of the Central Committee of the ruling Korean Workers’ Party on Thursday die outlined the general principles of the strategy, die he in follow up on relations with Washington, and die “Political direction of the new” US administration “headed by Biden.

The agency added that the North Korean leader “die Need stressed on both the dialogue and on die Prepare for confrontation, especially for die To be fully prepared for confrontation die Would protect our country “.

The One Party State Leader on the Food Situation came during his speech to the ruling Labor Party’s Central Committee this week in the capital Pyongyang started work.

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