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Watch the attacker “Kiryat Arba” shoot before running and killing him

The perpetrator of the attack on the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba in Hebron last night, Saturday night, is the Palestinian Muhammad Kamel Al-Jabari, brother of inmate Wael Al-Jabari, who was deported to Gaza, according to Al -Jabari. Aqsa Radio quoted the brother as saying that “there is no definite news on the fate of his brother, except the history of the occupation,” according to his expression.

However, in A video of Al-Jabari followed, carrying an American-made M-16 rifle, and from it firing at a ‘auto passing by, and before that he had shot at the medical and security forces who had been called after targeting pedestrians at the entrance to the Givat Ha’avot neighborhood in the settlement, killing one settler and wounding 5 others, one of whom he called “Ofer Ohana” and his condition is serious.

Then it was reported by media Israelis, that the settlement chief of staff “hit the attacker with his armored vehicle”, although the incident was carried out with a normal autoas seen in the video presented by “Al-Arabiya.net”above, and I found it widely spread on Twitter and other communication sites, in where we find an element of security arriving on the scene and Jabari is shot dead.

Al-Jabari, according to information released about him on the social media and others, “he had stomach cancer, and his condition was very difficult, and he exceeded the time the doctors had set for his death” and who came from the village of “Beit Anun” located north of Hebron, in the Southern West Bank, and worked as a teacher at the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education.

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