Ways to speed up your recovery from the flu

Dr. Roman Gorenkov, chief physician for medical care at the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region, said that it could take up to a month for the body to bounce back after the flu.

And he pointed out in an interview with Radio Sputnik that there is a way to speed up the recovery of the body to a normal state after being infected with the flu.

Usually, a person with a respiratory viral infection feels weak and weak and complains of a bad mood. These are the hallmarks of the flu. Therefore, a recurrence of the infection after recovery from the first infection is not ruled out.

He says: “After the flu, the body is weak and sensitive to external stimuli, and the reaction of the immune system is weak, so a person can become infected again. Immunity is related to the emotional and psychological state, so after the flu, a person has a bad mood and no desire to do anything.”

And he adds that it can take three weeks or even a month for the body to restore its normal state and fully recover from the disease.

He says: “This condition can last three weeks or even a month, and it all depends on the age of the person. The young body recovers quickly, and the elderly need a longer period.

He notes that rehabilitation programs after contracting the Covid-19 disease are also useful in rehabilitation after contracting the flu. These programs include: physiotherapy exercises, inhalations, breathing exercises, physiotherapy exercises.

And he adds: To strengthen the body, you can take vitamins, as well as soak some medicinal herbs. Also, those who have had the flu should gradually increase physical activity, because this has a positive effect on the rehabilitation process.

According to him, these can be walks in the fresh air, where it is better for a person to start with short distances. It is not recommended to engage in intense physical activity or go straight to the fitness rooms.

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