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We are all with Al-Hilal – Al-Madina

Saudi and continental football is in anticipation of one of the most important matches of this season, both internally and externally, against Al Hilal and Pohang Steelers of South Korea, tomorrow, Tuesday, in the 2021 AFC Champions League final. In this upcoming clash, Al Hilal carries the flag of the Saudi football, which has established itself strongly in recent years.

Logic dictates to stand firmly behind the leader in his national mission, especially since his opponent is not underestimated, experienced and even ferocious. in such matches.

Tomorrow, colors and slogans must come together and we raise a slogan: “We are all with the Crescent”.

Al-Madina met with a number of sports personalities, to get their views on the match and the role that must be played for Al Hilal to win the title, which will be counted for Saudi football.

At first, Major General Muhammad bin Dakhl Al-Juhani, the former president of the club Al-Ittihad said: “God willing, we are all with the representative of the homeland, Al-Hilal Club, in tomorrow’s Asian battle against Korean Pohang in the Champions League final.” He added: Al Hilal FC is capable and qualified to overtake Pohang in this match, thanks to the great potential it has.

Ibn Dakhil stressed that today we are all with the Crescent and, God willing, we congratulate each other after the final whistle with a new Saudi success.

For its part, the former captain of the national team and the club Al-Ittihad, Ahmed Jamil, said:

I wish Al Hilal every success against Korea’s Pohang, and Al Hilal has a lot of experience in games so crucial and we have faith in his players to reach this league and increase the name of the country.

There is no doubt that all Saudi fans of all inclinations are in wait and support the Al Hilal Club in tomorrow’s match.

While the player of the two club Al Hilal and one of the former Abdullah Fouda (the mayor) have invited Saudi fans and their various tendencies to stand by the Al Hilal Club, to fulfill this national mission, because our goal is one tomorrow. He continued: “Trends must go away in such meetings and we should stick together and support the club Al-Hilal, the country’s representative “.

He added: “Sport lives these days in the brightest of its epochs, in light of the attention and care it receives from our rational government, and stressed that Al Hilal is in able to reach the cup and win thanks to the technical skills he possesses in all lines. “

While Abdullah Saleh, player of the Saudi national team and the former club Al-Ettifaq, said: The Saudi public should side with Al-Hilal’s team in the Asian final.

He added: “This is our role in tomorrow’s match as Saudi fans, and there is no excuse for anyone, and anyone who has the opportunity to attend the stadium shouldn’t be. in delay, and be of help and support to the players, and he said: Victory factors, God willing, are available in change of the technical and popular strength enjoyed by Al Hilal, and we face a golden opportunity, where the match will be held on our land.

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