We asked, you told us: You are not thrilled about switching to YouTube Music

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Google made an announcement today concerning its mess of music streaming services. YouTube Music users will soon be able to move their regional music libraries from Google Play Music with just a single tap, making YouTube Music that much morepowerful Google also let us know that Play Music would be shuttered by the end of the year. That, unsurprisingly, is showing to be an undesirable decision.

I know a lot of Android Authority readers are Google Play Music subscribers, so I asked you if you were preparing on switching to YouTubeMusic Out of over 5,300 total votes throughout the website and Twitter, there’s a clear winner here.

Google Play Music users: Are you switching to YouTube Music?


A huge 42.58% of Google Play Music users do not like YouTube Music and will not switch to the service. I can’t state I blame them– YouTube Music is still half- baked compared to Play Music, and lots of believe it’s absolutely nothing more than a way for Google to keep YouTube minutes rolling in.

Approximately 22% of Android Authority readers have already changed to YouTube Music, while 12% are going to give it a shot when more features areavailable Another 22% of citizens are completely on the fence.

Significantly, almost half of all Twitter citizens stated they’re not switching to YouTube Music, while closer to 30% of website citizens state they’re notswitching In general, website citizens appear to be much more inviting to YouTube Music, while Twitter users appear to be all-in on other music services already.

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Here’s what you had to state

Here are some of the best remarks from last week’s survey describing why they voted the way that they did:

  • Ethan Sanchez: I feel like there’s an active train to disliking YouTube music although lots of have not in stayed for a minimum of a week. I in fact grown to like it way more than gpm
  • Billy Joseph: If it weren’t for the fact that I get YouTube premium, YT music and GPM for the entire family I would have changed to Spotify a very long time ago
  • Antony: YouTube is still loading features from GPM. Even just the upload songs part, YTM does not have song details edit and auto fill, download published songs, and play count. They provide something half baked and half as good when Google is stating they are gon na provide something much better.
  • Steven Iams: should option # 5 be “we don’t have a choice”?
  • Shizuma: Nope, not up until i’m required to anyways, I have actually attempted it and it’s horrible compared to play music, which’s stating a lot given that it’s not like play music is that good as it is.
  • John Wentworth: I will switch since truly I do not have another option. I ‘d rather remain with GPM however we all know that is going to be axedsoon The icons in YT Music are too damnbig Grr
  • james eriksen: I have actually both set up, and I have actually kind of changed to Youtube Music, however for there’s no way to upload audio, so still using Google Play Music for that. I have actually constantly found the suggestions to be useless in either app.
  • Learjet: I transitioned from GPM to YouTube Music a couple of months ago for one of the most part. I am pleased and now that my 40,000 published songs are going to be in the YTM music locker I’m specifically thrilled. The music locker is why I will never ever subscribe to any of the other popular services. Having my individual music collection available at my fingertips (on Android Auto, specifically) is exceptionally practical.
  • James E.: I have actually had Google Music given that it first debuted– I was an original G1 user from back in the day. When Google began pressing YouTube music I dropped them for Apple Music.
  • EeZeEpEe: I have actually been using YouTube Music as my main streaming service every given that it ended up being available within Android Auto. The switch to it was constantly unavoidable and the only reason I kept Google Play Music was to playback old exercise videos that I ripped the audio from DVDs.

That’s it for today. As constantly, thanks for ballot, thanks for the remarks, and do not forget to let us know what you idea of the results below!

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