"We condemn the looting of Chinese interests in Ukraine"Chinese investors oppose the nationalization of their assets in Ukraine

Beijing Skyrizon, a Chinese investor in the Ukrainian Motor Sich, has criticized the actions of the Kyiv authorities to forcibly nationalize the company’s assets and transfer them to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

“We strongly reject the shameful behavior of the state of Ukraine regarding the politicization of normal business, the forced nationalization of MotorSitch, and the unjustified looting of legitimate rights and interests,” a Chinese investor at Motor Sitch Beijing Skyrizon said in a statement. posted on the company’s WeChat account. for Chinese investors (in Ukraine)”.

Emphasizing that investors will never give up fighting for legal protection of their rights, the Chinese company said, “We will continue to actively communicate with all parties in various ways, and we will never give up fighting for legal protection of our rights.”

Earlier this week, Ukrainian media reported that Kyiv had decided to nationalize a number of companies owned by a Ukrainian oligarch, including companies such as Ukrnafta, Ukratnafta and Motor Sich.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that the nationalized assets of companies in Ukraine, including Ukrenafta and Motor Sych, received the status of military property and were transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for storage. Ukraine.

Before Kyiv this week announced the nationalization of Motor Sitch under the pretext of a military situation, Ukrainian authorities seized control of Motor Sitch a few years ago after Skyrizon invested several billion dollars in the company.

In 2021, a Chinese company demanded that Ukraine pay $4.5 billion in damages due to their investment in the Motor Sitch plant, where the company stated that the Ukrainian side was not honoring the deal between the two parties.

It is noteworthy that Motor Sich develops, manufactures and maintains gas turbine engines for aircraft and helicopters, as well as industrial gas turbine units. Motor Sitch products are used in airplanes and helicopters in 120 countries around the world.

Source: RIA Novosti